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Two new flashes in the works. Hope people like them...if not, that's okay. You cant please everyone


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Comick's News

Posted by Comick - July 6th, 2010

Click Here--> IN THE DARK ISSUE 1 <--

After 2+ years of drawing, I've finally published my first issue of In The Dark. I announced it in May (gah I update slow!) and thought I should do so here on NG for anyone who watches my stuff here too!

This is a completely self published comic that I sell only online and in person at my fine art shows! So I made sure that the book is a fine quality publication. The cover is a high gloss 100pt cover and the pages are a thick bright white 80pt. This is not a cheap newsprint comic, it's constructed like a mini "graphic novel" style book. It's a limited first print run and only 250 were made. As of now, I only have about a 1/3 left so they are almost all gone. Support an indie cartoonist and pick one up if you can, and thanks to everyone who has encouraged me to keep drawing. I am so happy to be able to share my comic as a real book! :)

To anyone who is new and just discovering my comic for the first time, it's a dark comedy with lots of adventure and danger. Here is a synopsis:

It's about a guy named Fibble and his demon named Sin. In the story, Fibble accidently gets swallowed alive and sent to Hell by Gluttony (a demon with a caffeine addiction for coffee and a stomach full of man-eating worms). The overarching plot involves Sin (the demon of evils) trying to save Fibble from getting killed in Hell, on account that its consequences would result in causing a utopian universe (and we can't have that!).


Other updates I should post...

-It's my birthday! :D July 6th whoo!
-I did small animations for 2 collabs on NG recently! Check em out here: Dance Collab <---Just came out today! And Coming Soon... just a few weeks ago! :)
Thanks again!

Hey Newgrounds! My comic is published! :)

Posted by Comick - June 15th, 2010

The Cliche Lines Collab

I did a part in this! :D I think all the parts were funny, but my fav is the truck jumping over the cliff. Lenko's has the best art through. And there's a special spot in my heart for the steak under a box haha.

In other news: I'm drawing something new for a "dance" collab :) And my cartoon in development hell Trash and Clash ep 2, is getting more done yippee. Here's a peek:

New little collab thing is out :D

Posted by Comick - June 10th, 2010

As I said in the last journal, I had a big announcement. Well, the news is that Sonic Switch is over. I have created one last cartoon called Sonic Switch-the Ending Chapter. Because the file is too big for Newgrounds, I posted it on my DeviantArt. It will be a combination on Part 2 and a tiny black and white storyboard part that never was done but had all the audio VA work. At the end, I made a picture slideshow that finishes the WHOLE story. So it's finally complete and you can know what happened at the end. :) Thanks again to all the people who watched Sonic Switch all these years and hopefully you like the new sonic cartoon I'm making which will come out in a few months....Its called Sonic and The Crystal Egg.

Sonic Switch-THE END

Here's a pic of the next cartoon:

Sonic Switch is Done

Posted by Comick - June 4th, 2010

Almost there.....but for the time being here is a link to something I drew recently :)

Happy Duck Dream
Its probably the most intense Photoshop pic I've drawn in a long time and *gasp* the first that didnt have to do with a contest entry.

A better bigger post will be soon.

Something new is coming soon...

Posted by Comick - April 8th, 2010

So I'm swamped with school, a painting, a comic book , and a 26 page thesis report....yet SOMEHOW, I have managed to draw some new art for show :) please check them out if you have a chance



In the Flash department the work is going very slow. I've barely had any time to sit down and doodle stuff, and when I do, I tend to make fun stuff that is not even associated with my series or cartoon projects. :L For example, sloppy storyboards that will never be made:


Hopefully I will be able to get all my stuff done soon though! :) So yeah, heres a WIP sneek peak at my newest painting. Its 14 ft long and 6 ft tall.

Come see the amazing...oh forget it

Posted by Comick - February 2nd, 2010

I've been pretty busy painting and getting ready for an art show at school (May), but I thought I should update my page here from the last one in September, gah.

Ironically, the latest flash I just submitted has been sitting around since September but I didn't have time to compile it until now. It's a series of flash entries I did over at a forum called The Backalleys (TBA) which is run by an animator named Rtil. This contest was lots of fun and personally the one I invested the most time into because I fell in love with the characters I had created. You can watch it here: SAHU vs Zane By the end of the last round the quality took a hit as I was rushing to meet the deadline in the final round....I basically made a 2,253 frame cartoon over the course of 4 days and which nearly killed me and my hand haha. But I lost anyways :< I blame my use of Apocalyptica music (which I love but I bet everyone else hated), the fact that I made a bittersweet ending where the hero is left questioning his "hero" role, and I went for an action scene full of drama....the winner was a lighthearted pencil comic full of humor and details, and the villain gets defeated with a bonk on the head from a big spoon lol, so I knew I was beat. For the Newgrounds version I contacted ShadowFox who makes some really great music and he was nice enough to make some custom beats for the menu and pics! I also added a little back-story slideshow to introduce the characters and put a few extra goodies too. Who knows... I might just attempt at making a few more flashes with this character. If I catch up on my already delayed other projects haha!

On a different note, I'm still regularly updating my comic In The Dark and I should have a whole first issue produced and for sale by May! :D Also, I'm painting some pretty huge pieces for an art show (one is almost 14 ft long and 7 ft high). And I'm working on a small painting art-trade with an artist named Sugarpolyp check him out, he's awesome!

Anyways that's it.....I guess I'll just fill the rest of the space with a painting I finished :)

Some updates and a flash

Posted by Comick - September 3rd, 2009

So after 2 months of on and off drawing and shading, I finally finished a new animation. It's an experimental piece that is related to my paintings and comic book "In The Dark" . A while back I released a teaser of my desire to start an animated series on them too .Well, it's been slow but I'm still chugging away on it and the first animatic for a 2 min short is finally set. In the meantime I started work on this supplementary piece that relates to one of my paintings titled "Abortion". The painting itself is here in the NG art portal if you want to see it

So anyways, my art teachers suggested that since I know how to animate, I might want to try making some media-based pieces that would sit in the gallery alongside the paintings. Nothing with a plot, but more like a tiny window that would allow the audience to see the demons in my work acting and living as they would, (outside the comic book's storyline). Sort of like if a camera was placed in the painting and just recorded for a while. Thus it has been created, the first "Quick Bite". The gallery version plays the animation on a solid loop but I personalized this particular version just for Newgrounds :] Gave it a loader, new alias intro, added an "extra info" menu, and even threw in an Easter egg that's really worth finding (but NSFW). So give it a look, I'm really proud of it haha In The Dark-Abortion

And here's a picture of my lastest painting WIP (its 7 ft tall)...

In The Dark "Quick Bite"

Posted by Comick - August 8th, 2009

Have you ever wanted to see the slow boring monotonous world of fbf shading in a Flash cartoon??? How about the painstaking time it takes to draw a digital piece of art only to go "it's already 2:00am?!" ??? Yes, that's right, now you can watch me draw LIVE (from time to time) from a streaming channel. Oh boy! D;

So yeah, I'll probably work on some Flash animations and digital stuff. Main focus will probably be my "In The Dark" stuff, but I like to draw fan art as well ;)

If I'm not on, there are on-demand segments to watch too in case you're interested in just skipping to the end without watching the whole thing hah.
Click Here to watch my life slowly being spent on shading...

EDIT 2: I'll be on again drawing the cover to my comic "In The Dark" tonight 8/24/09 around 10ish.
and of course pages can be read here :)

EDIT: 8/13/09 I'll be on at 10PM pacific time today! :)

Watch me draw stuff...

Posted by Comick - July 15th, 2009

Just got back from vacation in Las Vegas! Played some games, won some money. Had lots of yummy drinks etc etc...And now it's back to the art. Or in particular, my animations :) I'll probably have two new animations done in the next week.

First one is my last Sonic short for vol 6, (not including the ending bit I'm doing). This last short was a hell of a lot of work, and I'm pleased with the results. But I'm not sure if I'll post it on my DA like I have with the others... until it's actually out on NG in the collab. Last time, too many people watched it and so it wasn't surprising when it came out a month later in the final version. :( So this time the only people who will see it beforehand are the collab judges who need to approve/disapprove the entries. Sorry guys!

The 2nd one is what I call an "In The Dark-quick bite".It's basically a short emotive animation that features one of the characters or demons from my In The Dark comic universe. It will be put up on NG in probably a week's time! It's not really a short with plot...it's a snip of animated film that correlates to one of my paintings...but I'll explain it in the flash in the info section. So no, it's not the animated story of In the Dark....it's more like a peek into a window to see some of the demons up-close doing what it normally does. It should be pretty good :)

And here's a drawing of the demon Idolatry to take space. Yes, its a demon with the head of Hello Kitty and Mickey mouse gloves.

Vacation is done. Now time for more work

Posted by Comick - May 20th, 2009

Well my break has started and I have a lot planned for the coming days...mostly painting and my comic, In The Dark. But over the summer I hope to finally finish Trash and Clash 2, my cartoon that's been in the works for 1+ years now :) drawing it goes very very slowly but I'm happy to see it moving again...even if it's just a few secs at a time. There are a lot of animations I'm looking forward to seeing coming up:

1. UP from Pixar. I saw a preview 45 minute screening of it a few months back at the SF Metreion, and I have to say it may just be my favorite Pixar movie yet...and I didn't even get to see the whole film! I'm really excited for this one- May 30th

2. 9 by Tim Burton. So far the trailers have been very vague about the plot for this one until yesterday. And now I'm sold. It's about a man who lives in a post-apocalypse world. He gives nine puppets a piece of his life (soul) in hopes that they can destroy the AI killer machines that took over the world and destroyed humanity. It's also very dark and has lots of cool creatures made of skins and needles. I'll go see that!

3. The Princess and the Frog -Disney. In almost 5 years, Disney is FINALLY doing another 2d animation! YAY! If there is one thing I've missed from the 90's was all the really cool cartoons that were made like Beauty and the Beast and Lion King. They are going back to roots and making this new fairy tale. I saw the trailer and its a little "kid-like" but I've always loved Disney Villains, and this new one is an evil voodoo witch doctor with a top hat of skull decor. And he has an army of demons and voodoo dolls at his command. <--I'm sold. Have to see this one, and hope it brings back 2d animations to the US market!! Please do well! I want 2d to come back.

4. Ponyo by Haiyo Miazaki- it's already out in Japan, but it's just being released to US theatres in August with English subtitles. I've always loved his attention to details and hand drawn animations. This one is done completely in watercolor, wow. I'm looking forward to it.

So that's about it for now...there are many others coming but not until next year or Xmas...
And here's a drawing I did. Just to fill some space.

No news is good news??