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Two new flashes in the works. Hope people like them...if not, that's okay. You cant please everyone


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Comick's News

Posted by Comick - 10 days ago


Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great New Years!  :)  I just wanted to give a heads up I will be making some appearances soon at two cons this coming month.

  •  Jan 31 (Mon) I will be at BCAF (black and brown comix expo) in San Francisco. It's at the Yerba Buena Center near the Metreon (city view) from 11-6pm. 



  •  Feb 2 (Sat) I will be at the San Mateo Comic Arts Festival. It's at the Foster City Library from 10am-4pm.


I've been working on making some new art posters and stickers for the events so I have something new to show off haha but we will see!

In the meantime, I have been slowly working on allllll my art projects! A new Skitzo cartoon, more pages of in the dark issue 4 and that next chapter of SAHU that I've been picking away at. So even if I seem quiet, its actually me working my butt off in the background.

Thanks for sticking around and MORE ART on the way!



Posted by Comick - December 10th, 2018

Hey guys! Just a heads up I will be at the Salinas Comic Con this Sat and Sun! Dec 15+16. It’s at the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas, CA. Come by and buy some comics, toys and original art I’ll have!





Posted by Comick - November 16th, 2018

I'm doing $6 character doodles!

Buy me 2 coffees on http://ko-fi.com/comickpro  and tell me who you want me to draw! I will post results on Twitter and Instagram. (and NG of course!)


Here are the doodles I've done so far!

Somegomer asked for "Fleetway Super Sonic"! Here you go!


SpeciBat asked for "Speci her persona"! Here you go!


Anon asked for "Steamboat Skitzo"! Here you go!


Neo Khaos asked for "their oc rabbit character"! Here you go!


Celeste asked for "draw my cats, Ziggy and Lady Stardust"! Here you go!


Entaru asked for "their oc Entaru "! Here you go!


John asked for "Skitzo Totoro"! Here you go!



Buy me 2 coffees and get your doodle! http://ko-fi.com/comickpro



Posted by Comick - November 13th, 2018

I'm doing $6 character doodles!

Buy me 2 coffees on http://ko-fi.com/comickpro  and tell me who you want me to draw! I will post results on Twitter and Instagram. (and NG of course!)


Here are the doodles I've done so far!

Somegomer asked for "Fleetway Super Sonic"! Here you go!


SpeciBat asked for "Speci her persona"! Here you go!


Anon asked for "Steamboat Skitzo"! Here you go!



Neo Khaos asked for "their oc rabbit character"! Here you go!


Celeste asked for "draw my cats, Ziggy and Lady Stardust"! Here you go!


Entaru asked for "their oc Entaru "! Here you go!


Posted by Comick - October 31st, 2018

Happy Halloween! 🎃🎃 I just posted a new mini journal on Patreon in case you want to read/see whats coming up over there. New cartoons, new audio commentary, and new comic pages too. PATREON JOURNAL HERE

On DA and NG, a new trash and clash coming, as well as sahu part 8 is coming back (after a long hiatus). Whoop!

I also threw in a fanart pumpkin to the NG contest this year! Hope you guys like it!

Oh and in case you didn't know: I've been posting inktober doodles daily on twitter and instagram. I will MASS post them all here in the coming days too as a huge compliation! :) 



Posted by Comick - September 26th, 2018

Reminder!! I will be in Columbus Ohio this week for two amazing cons back to back! See you there! http://cartooncrossroadscolumbus.com/


Posted by Comick - September 6th, 2018

Hey everyone! Just a heads up that my comic In The Dark Issues #1 and #2 are coming back to print soon!
I have them in my web store as PREORDERS here: https://inthedark.bigcartel.com/ all orders will be shipped out at the end Sep/early Oct.

They also will have brand new front and back cover art! Check out the covers! :) I'm excited!


In other news, I will be making an appearance at the CXC, Cartoon Crossroads Expo in Columbus Ohio! Its on Sat and Sun, Sep 29 +30. Selling my issues of In The Dark, Skitzo toys and stickers, and some original watercolors and prints. :D

I will also be selling at EXCLUSIVE new item at this con; A "COFFEE TIME" coffee themed Sticker sheet with Fibble, Sin, and Java Town, the coffee shop they go to in the first issue. I even put coffee bean skulls on the background haha. Very Limited! But if I have any extras at the end of the show they will be on my web store in Oct.



Finally I have a bunch of new comic pages of Issue 4 on Patreon. So stay tooned for those....as well as a NEW Skitzo cartoon in color. Should be wild! 

This month has barely begun and I feel like I have an event or thing going on that I will be running around like a maniac every week. But at least you know I'm staying busy and some new art posts are on the way.  :D  Thanks for sticking around and still enjoying my works, despite my slow snail speeds updating sometimes!



Posted by Comick - July 24th, 2018

Hey everyone sorry for not being as updated on this journal! But I do have a bunch of stuff to announce, so here we go!

First: I'm having a Summer Sale on my web store! Use discount:  SUMMER   and get %15 off your order. Also, if you order anything over $15 then I'll throw in a FREE Fibble and Sin Sticker! :)  Here's a little ad I made for the occasion: inthedark.bigcartel.com/


There is also going to be some new art and paintings uploaded to the store shortly. I have some originals that I plan to let go and also I found ONE lost Fibble and Sin shirt (its size M) from like 5 years ago :0 A total rarity in case you want one of the first t-shirts I ever made haha. 



2nd: I am currently curating a Latino animation festival here in San Francisco! It's still accepting submissions until July 31st, so if you are a Latin animator and want to see your works on a theater, consider submitting it to the festival. Rules and guidelines are here: Animation Festival SF I also drew the poster for the event!! You can see it here:



3rd: I have been updating new pages of In The Dark Issue 4: Intoxication on my Patreon! As well as new sketch book WIPS, and previews for my newest Skitzo cartoon. If you like my works and want to see some exclusive goodies, consider being a supporter there! It really DOES help me with art supplies and financial burdens I face in the real world. Coming soon on Patreon: Previews of the new covers for Issue 1 and 2 for the upcoming reprints, 2 new comic pages on Issue 4, a color Skitzo animation, and some video time-lapses of me drawing in my sketch book (I now have the camera set up to do this!). Support Comick on Patreon!


Lastly: On DA and Newgrounds, I am going to be posting some new (long awaited) pencil comics from SAHU, Trash and Clash, and even Fibble and Sin. I've been jumping from one to the other while on my commutes to work and its going to be pretty cool when they are finally scanned and posted haha. It will be a huge relief to finally get them off my plate (sketchbook) and hopefully you guys enjoy what I have stored. Oh and a little collab comic with my friend Trivialtales, about an evil bird too!

Thanks guys for your patience and for still hanging around as I make new stuff!!




Posted by Comick - June 27th, 2018

The Latino Comics Expo (LCX) in conjunction with The Alamo Draft House Cinema Theater are running a fundraiser Animation Festival in San Francisco on September 5th, 2018. And we are now taking submissions for the show!



The Latino Comics Expo (LCX) is a Latino-centered comic convention that occurs yearly in Long Beach, CA at the MOLAA (Museum of Latin American Art). They feature and promote comics and art, music, and culture by Latino artists from all over the US and internationally too.

This year they are doing a fundraiser for the Expo by running an Animation Festival to showcase local and international Latin animators. Proceeds to the event go directly to help keep the Expo alive and running, and in exchange animators who may not have had the opportunities to screen or show their shorts in a theater get the spotlight and a live audience. We also do a raffle prize of artwork and question and answer features with artists after the screening.

So starting today, LCX is taking submissions for it 2nd Animation Festival! There is NO FEE to submit and all entries will be notified a week after the cutoff date July 31st if their film was picked for the screening. You dont need to be present to the show to have your work shown, (but if you do, we do a live mic intro with the creator before your piece screens). 



-All entries must be original works. No parodies or fan animations will be allowed.

-You must be 18yrs or older to submit.

-You must have the rights or legal permission to use the audio/music in your films.

-We are looking for independent shorts in English or Spanish. If your animation is in Spanish, please include English subs directly burned into your piece. (No secondary subtitle files to attach).

- Films made by Latin animators or of Latin decent are highly encouraged to enter. We will also accept works that showcase Latin iconography, culture, or characters even if you may not be Latino.

-If your work is selected, please be able to provide a high-res copy of your animation in H.264 video codec and saved as a .mp4 video file.

-Minimum runtime length: 1 min, Maximum length: 10 mins



-Send an email with a link to your video to LCX.animation.submit@gmail.com

Please also include the following info in your email:

1.       Your first and last name

2.       Where are you located? (ex. California, USA. Chile, Mexico?)


3.       Link to your animation. (if password protected please include that!)


4.       Your email to contact you, if we pick your animation.


5.       The length time of your film.


6.       The medium used. (ex. Flash, hand-drawn, stop motion, CGI, etc…)


7.       A short synopsis of your piece. (aka: what is it about?)


8.       Any additional info you’d like to share about the piece or yourself 😊


And that’s it!



SCREENING DAY: Sep 5th 6:30pm, Alamo Draft House, San Francisco.


ALSO, if you have other questions, feel free to message me here on Newgrounds!




Posted by Comick - May 4th, 2018

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY IS HERE! Buy anything on my webstore and get a FREE digital comic book "Skitzo Bakes a Cake" emailed to you! Use promo code SKITZO at checkout. Expires 5/8. https://inthedark.bigcartel.com/




Plus just a quick heads up I will be at the East LA C.A.P.E on May 12th. It's a FREE comic con at the El Gallo Plaza (4545 E Cesar Chavez Ave Los Angeles, CA 90022) in the heart of East LA. I will be selling Issues of In The Dark, Skitzo plushies and stickers and a load of original art (some of them never available for sale before). I am also working on having a few new pins and a new sticker for the event too, so hopefully I can get them done in time. So yeah, if you are in LA, come by and check out my booth and get some goodies. 


*** I'm OPEN again for commissions! If you want me to draw you something, send me a note!  ***



  Black and White Art 

                -$15+ Traditional or Digital drawings with minimal shading. 

  Color Digital Art

                 -$25+ Simple w/ no backgrounds. 
                 -$45+ Larger and more complex pieces.

  I also do acrylic paintings, note me for prices on those.

  I accept Paypal only.


Finally, I have some new art pieces coming up that I hope you guys like. A friend of mine who is moving away to another state gave me ALL their acrylic paints and so I have a large supply of materials to paint with, so I've been itching to make some new paintings with them. Coming soon :)