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Two new flashes in the works. Hope people like them...if not, that's okay. You cant please everyone


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Comick's News

Posted by Comick - September 29th, 2011

Well my art show is finally over and I removed the artwork the other day :] It was a great run and I'm glad it had such a long exposure; Three months almost! I was told that my comics made good sales at the gallery too so that's great news to hear as well. And no sooner does this one end; I was invited to a new show in NOV! The gallery space will be smaller though so I am making a slightly smaller painting just for the show (I think it will be 3ftx4ft which is SMALL to me haha). I still haven't decided on the subject/theme but my books are packed with tons of ideas I want to paint so it's more a matter of which one would look nice/make sense in a small format...

I was also just invited to go teach a class how to use Flash in Santa Clara coming up Oct 10! It's only a 2 day demo thing but still it will be cool! Mostly basics I think since they have not learned much about how to use the program's features and stuff.

Then out of the blue an old collaborator contacted me! She is an author in Chile that writes humorous political satire and years ago like back in 2001 had asked me to draw inked illustrations for her book. Well I did and the book was published in Chile Bet you all didn't know there is a book out there in Chile with my illustrations (and a cameo of Fibble in there) haha . So anyways she contacted me again and wants to do a Vol 2 in her series; that means she is commissioning me to do the new drawings for this one too which is great! Looking at the old drawings now I know I can draw these new ones MUCH better as well.

My comic pages are coming along too and I have a new page penciled out...so just need to ink it. And my flash episode has actually moved a smidge closer to being done. Still a ways to go though since I'm so freaking slow and busy guuuhhh. I have also been investigating a few new things art-wise...PRINTS. Like high quality prints on some of my paintings, but I'll say more of that when I get closer to a good example of it (just testing it out now). Oh AND I did a new digital painting of Idolatry (my character from Issue 2 of In The Dark) Go check him out here Idolatry-The HAPPY KAWAII CAT Yup lots of stuff is coming soon!

Lots of Stuff..and a New Drawing

Posted by Comick - August 1st, 2011

So it was brought to my attention that I have not put any updates here for MONTHS! D: So I suppose this calls for a little update of things I've been up too...

I am currently showing a few of my paintings at the Galeria De La Raza Fine Arts Gallery in San Francisco! Its a group show of many up-and-coming artists in the bay area so if you are interested in seeing my art LIVE then you can see it here. The show runs from June 17-Sep 17th!

Home After Dark Exhibit (runs from June 18-Sep 17)
GalerĂ­a de la Raza
2857 24th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

If you have never seen my paintings they are done in acrylic paint and span about 8ft long and 7ft high :) Here is a link of what my show last year looked like: The biggest one was 13ft long! Last year show

I'm also only 17 pre-orders away from getting my Fibble and Sin shirts made! :D So if you want to help me out and get a cool shirt then you can order one here: In The Dark T-shirt!

I'll be doing a cartoonist talk and live-screen reading of my comic "In The Dark" in Berkley this next week Aug 12th from 7-9pm at Escapist Comics in Berkley if anyone is in the area :) There will be copies of Issue 1 as well as previews of Issue 2 and free special postcards and promotional stuff there. like a rare Skitzo keychain that I've been designing for the Webstore

In Flash news, I have 85% of the animation done for In The Dark Ep1. Its' sad because it's only 3 mins long but amazingly has taken me almost a year to get it done! the quality is something I've probably put more effort into then any other cartoon I've drawn though so I'll be happy when its released finally...It will also have a new Skitzo cartoon attached to it and I'm starting to make a nice bunch of special features menu stuff that's sure to scare the bejeezus out of you haha. Before anyone asks for a due date I'll just say Halloween is looking pretty realistic based on my super slow speed and busyness.

So yeah I'm major busy haha but hopefully that means a bunch of new things are coming soon! ^_^

Holy Moly am I alive?? YES. Yes I am.

Posted by Comick - February 25th, 2011

Hi everybody! Wow I haven't posted any updates in months....so here are some things I've been doing.

First big announcement is that T-shirts based on my comic "In The Dark" are now on Pre-Order! :D YAY!
Limited to only a small press set of 150 shirts, they are silk-screen painted, and on heavy black cotton. Its been a long time coming to get these shirts this far, and after months of hunting I found a local shop willing to do a PREORDER deal with me. Basically the shirts will be produced when the minimum sale quota is hit. The more people order, the faster the shirts will be able to get produced. So just a note, this means by purchasing this shirt you are agreeing to a wait time of unknown timeframe since it depends of the sales, so patience is appreciated and this is not like amazon.com haha I'm an independent artist making a rare limited item. But the very fact I can offer you guys a shirt is a dream I've been working hard on achieving, so it's almost there! Also just as a promotion, I'm selling the first shirts at a discount price ^_^ Once the quota is hit, the price goes back to normal, so if you want it cheap than order it now! And of course Issue one of the comic is for sale too In The Dark Webstore Thanks again to all the people who asked and noted me for a shirt; I am totally grateful for the support!!

In other news, Issue 2 of the comic has been regularly updated with new pages thanks to a new time management system I have set up. I swear that this issue is so much fun because of all the cartoony demons I get to draw haha. For anyone new and not aware of my comic series you can read it on my blog In The Dark Blog or my Deviantart page Comick's DA page .

And anyone wondering what's happening with Ep1 of In the Dark cartoon, sorry for the delay! I most definitely underestimated the time and speed I animate, so its moving super slow...and real life drags me from the computer as well! Progress wise its more than half way done and the final running time for the short is 3-4mins with a 1 min special cartoon Easter egg. Hopefully I can ask Tom or Wade for a larger limit size since the whole thing is graphic heavy and I sense its going to get over the 10mb limit :T Well, I'll handle that when I get it finalized and everything!

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST: I drew a new picture and posted it in the art section:D Its a lazy cat giving itself a tongue bath. It was sitting with a bunch of doodles I drew last night in my sketch book, and struck me as a good piece to color up in Photoshop. Some comments on it would be cool ^^

And below is a picture of the shirt's final art!

Tshirts now on Pre-order! and a cat's tongue bath

Posted by Comick - December 2nd, 2010

So I drew this and posted it up.
Take a look at some demon-worm rabbits blood-letting and enjoying themselves :) Aren't they happy? Drink Up!!

In other news I've been working on a bunch of animations! I just finished a 2min30sec commissioned animated commercial for a DJ in Australia which was a lot of fun, and I also did an animated scene for a short documentary on PBS being developed in San Francisco (I can't really talk about it yet because of privacy stuff heh). Then of course I've been animating my In The Dark ep 1 which I only get to work on at night in little spots at a time :L So its going slow but at least it moves a little bit at a time and it's getting done!

Btw I just saw Tangled and its great, people need to go watch it if you liked the classic Disney cartoons of the 90's like The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast. Its all musical and grim fairy tale and the animation is pure eye-candy.

And just to fill some space, here's a doodle I did a while back of a smoking lady....
Buy Issue 1 of In the Dark A 36-page independantly published comic book

Posted some art and some animation updates

Posted by Comick - October 31st, 2010

Well it's Halloween and I have not finished Episode 1 of In The Dark. It seems I will need to delay the cartoon for a later release, because I still have a lot to animation to finish drawing and also the original music score is not done either. Sorry guys, it will probably come out in late November Edit: DEC now. I really wanted to get this out for Halloween too! Ah well.

So in its place I am posting a short Skitzo the 1920's killer bear cartoon. Most people who follow my DA already know this character and he appears in my In The Dark series too. The idea behind him is that his cartoons were all destroyed in the 1920's when it was discovered anyone who watches a whole episode would go mentally insane. But some historians have been looking for these lost Skitzo cartoons and now all we get to watch are the scraps that are recovered. This is the first scrap: Skitzo the 1920's Bear

Also I had a great time showing my comic at the APE (Alternative Press Expo) comic con and gave out these postcards as promotional freebies (see image below). If you ordered my comic online now or in the past I will be mailing you one for free in Dec as a twisted X-mas card haha. If anyone else wants one, order my comic and I'll include one! :) Order In The Dark Issue 1

Happy Halloween everybody!!

Halloween, updates and cartoon delayed

Posted by Comick - July 6th, 2010

Click Here--> IN THE DARK ISSUE 1 <--

After 2+ years of drawing, I've finally published my first issue of In The Dark. I announced it in May (gah I update slow!) and thought I should do so here on NG for anyone who watches my stuff here too!

This is a completely self published comic that I sell only online and in person at my fine art shows! So I made sure that the book is a fine quality publication. The cover is a high gloss 100pt cover and the pages are a thick bright white 80pt. This is not a cheap newsprint comic, it's constructed like a mini "graphic novel" style book. It's a limited first print run and only 250 were made. As of now, I only have about a 1/3 left so they are almost all gone. Support an indie cartoonist and pick one up if you can, and thanks to everyone who has encouraged me to keep drawing. I am so happy to be able to share my comic as a real book! :)

To anyone who is new and just discovering my comic for the first time, it's a dark comedy with lots of adventure and danger. Here is a synopsis:

It's about a guy named Fibble and his demon named Sin. In the story, Fibble accidently gets swallowed alive and sent to Hell by Gluttony (a demon with a caffeine addiction for coffee and a stomach full of man-eating worms). The overarching plot involves Sin (the demon of evils) trying to save Fibble from getting killed in Hell, on account that its consequences would result in causing a utopian universe (and we can't have that!).


Other updates I should post...

-It's my birthday! :D July 6th whoo!
-I did small animations for 2 collabs on NG recently! Check em out here: Dance Collab <---Just came out today! And Coming Soon... just a few weeks ago! :)
Thanks again!

Hey Newgrounds! My comic is published! :)

Posted by Comick - June 15th, 2010

The Cliche Lines Collab

I did a part in this! :D I think all the parts were funny, but my fav is the truck jumping over the cliff. Lenko's has the best art through. And there's a special spot in my heart for the steak under a box haha.

In other news: I'm drawing something new for a "dance" collab :) And my cartoon in development hell Trash and Clash ep 2, is getting more done yippee. Here's a peek:

New little collab thing is out :D

Posted by Comick - June 10th, 2010

As I said in the last journal, I had a big announcement. Well, the news is that Sonic Switch is over. I have created one last cartoon called Sonic Switch-the Ending Chapter. Because the file is too big for Newgrounds, I posted it on my DeviantArt. It will be a combination on Part 2 and a tiny black and white storyboard part that never was done but had all the audio VA work. At the end, I made a picture slideshow that finishes the WHOLE story. So it's finally complete and you can know what happened at the end. :) Thanks again to all the people who watched Sonic Switch all these years and hopefully you like the new sonic cartoon I'm making which will come out in a few months....Its called Sonic and The Crystal Egg.

Sonic Switch-THE END

Here's a pic of the next cartoon:

Sonic Switch is Done

Posted by Comick - June 4th, 2010

Almost there.....but for the time being here is a link to something I drew recently :)

Happy Duck Dream
Its probably the most intense Photoshop pic I've drawn in a long time and *gasp* the first that didnt have to do with a contest entry.

A better bigger post will be soon.

Something new is coming soon...

Posted by Comick - April 8th, 2010

So I'm swamped with school, a painting, a comic book , and a 26 page thesis report....yet SOMEHOW, I have managed to draw some new art for show :) please check them out if you have a chance



In the Flash department the work is going very slow. I've barely had any time to sit down and doodle stuff, and when I do, I tend to make fun stuff that is not even associated with my series or cartoon projects. :L For example, sloppy storyboards that will never be made:


Hopefully I will be able to get all my stuff done soon though! :) So yeah, heres a WIP sneek peak at my newest painting. Its 14 ft long and 6 ft tall.

Come see the amazing...oh forget it