New Toon for Halloween!

2013-10-10 05:24:12 by Comick

Well in a mad state of inspiration and insomnia, I wanted to put out a new toon for the Halloween season as a little surprise!

So yes, just in time for the scary season, I got a new Skitzo the 1920s Killer Bear cartoon out in time. :) I added on the NG Halloween pre-loader so that it's a part of the annual contest and 2013 folder....although umm I dont think I've seen or heard of any contest this year! Please recommend my short for the Halloween folder 2013 (if it exists) and yeah give it a look! Happy Halloween Newgrounds

I also did another 2 smaller paintings for an art showing on Halloween in San Francisco...more info/pics on that to come! Meanwhile I'm still head deep busy on drawing In The Dark Issue 3 of my comic series. Might make a new painting for Halloween as well...hmm we will see!

New Toon for Halloween!


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2013-10-10 11:28:59

New Spread for Hallowhole!

Comick responds:

its just what the doctor ordered! heh


2013-10-10 19:25:07

It's well known

Comick responds:

one day you will type a full sentence I can understand haha i know it


2013-10-10 21:18:03

There is always a contest, i will make sure to go around making noise about your flash.

Comick responds:

Awesome haha thanks for the support Doomroar! :)


2013-10-11 18:02:23

Well your movie is already in here
so you are already participating for the prices!!

Comick responds:

Oh dang! :D awesome haha thanks for the heads up on that.


2013-10-12 06:23:09

Crazy as always. :)

Comick responds:

haha thanks man!


2013-10-25 17:57:39

are u going to make fibble and sin short vids some day?

Comick responds:

yeah I have been working on will see the light of day eventually heh