Art, comics, and oh hey an animation!

2013-09-16 02:27:52 by Comick

Hello everyone! I should say that the comic expo in LA was a huge hit :) lots of people were into In The Dark and I did the most sales I've ever had at a con so that's a good sign! here I go still drawing Issue 3. In the meantime, I've also been dabbling in some art making and mini pencil comics and I posted them on NG as well as on my Deviantart account. Take a look at them if you get a chance:

Fibble and Sin mini comic: link

S.A.H.U -the super android hero unit: link

Oh and I just saw that the last Sonic Shorts volume was released the other day :) cool! I animated a part in this massive 27 artist collab so go check it out: sonic short vol 8

Meanwhile in other updates I've been busy getting prepped for another art show in SF and trying to make a little surprise animation for Halloween (lets see if I make it! hah).

Tooooo maannyyyyy pupppiieeessss with gunsssss in thier hannnddssss.....

Art, comics, and oh hey an animation!


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2013-09-16 04:10:48

When do we get to the Satan arc

Comick responds:

If you mean In The Dark...that's around Issue 5.


2013-09-22 18:02:01


Comick responds:

:D great thanks