Two New Art Shows, Facebook, NEW STUFF

2014-02-07 02:50:44 by Comick

Hey everyone! I have a bunch of news to post about, so I'll start with the art shows!


I just got granted a SOLO ART SHOW this month in San Francisco! Courtesy of the Paint Pens Collective and Curator Shayna Yasuhara, This will be an all new series of paintings, and I hope to have about 7 pieces there and 5 of them are BRAND NEW. The show is called "Plug me In" and its a collection of pieces based on consumer culture and electronics obsessions. Naturally Promiscuous will be a main star in this series, but you can also look forward to new pieces of her mice and a number of other demons who personify and socially comment on the digital world we love to enjoy and hate and yet cannot avoid either way. If you live in the area, the opening night party is this month at:

  • F8 (gallery and lounge) 
  • 1192 Folsom St, San Francisco, California 94103
  • Date: Feb 20 Thursday
  • Time 6-9pm

I'm super stoked, and I have been painting like a machine trying to make sure I have a great batch of new works to reveal :> Here's hoping!


The 2nd announcement is that I will have two 16x20 watercolors of Trash and Clash in ANOTHER art show from Feb 7-April 16th. It's in Hayward California and its a group show featuring artists who make cartoons and illustrations for kids and teens 6-14. Naturally In The Dark was a little too strong for this show (heh) so I submitted instead 2 new pieces of Trash and Clash. :D This will be the first time I think they have ever been featured in an art show so that's something cool and new! They don't have a reception party until March but the show is up and on display now! So if you'd like to go see some large watercolors of a mutant chicken and duck visit:

  •  The Sun Gallery
  • 1015 E St, Hayward, CA 94541
  • Gallery hours: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Okay! and final big news is that I have finally created a FACEBOOK page for In The Dark!!! So if you are into the social network scene and like to get updates on my art shows and news about In The Dark like comic cons I'll be at or what's new and coming...Please go support and Like/follow my page!

In The Dark Facebook Page

I have a TON of new pieces I will bare with me on the quietness before the storm haha and I will be pouring out a TON of new material for your eyes to feast on. Oh...and did I mention I'm working on a SUPER AMAZING TOP SECRET project for Skitzo the Bear? no?? Haha well more on that next month....stay tooned!!


Oh and here is a preview of one new painting from the show!



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2014-02-07 10:22:54

That's awesome! great work good job

Comick responds:

Thanks! Yeah I'm so excited...gonna finish these paintings!


2014-02-07 12:35:48

Awesome job!

I'll be sure to come to visit your art show on the 20th!

Comick responds:

Hey man!! Awesome haha I look forward to seeing ya there :D


2014-02-09 02:06:33

Spending time with dyslexic people is why I have not read what you just typed

but you do any sketches for yourself

Comick responds:

yeah man I sketch all the time haha. I have BOOKS and BOOKS full of sketches...I'm just not sure people want to see messy scribble pics haha.