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Comick's News

Posted by Comick - July 29th, 2015


Hi everyone!!  WHOA, Its been since May since I updated here O_O how does the time go by SO FAST!!? But lo' and behold, I am ALIVE and back  from the dead to come and bother you all with my rants and ravings.  

So here's a long recap of all the stuff that has been going on since then...

  • I just received my custom made Skitzo the Bear key chains! and they turned out AWESOME! I don't know if pictures can really do them justice, but man these things are a nice heavy feeling made with black nickel metal and have a professional nice shiny color and texture to them. All backers on the Skitzo kickstarter who did a $25 reward or higher will get one of these goodies FREE added with their orders once I ship them all off. Stay tooned for update emails on that via Kickstarter for survey info! In The meantime, Any extra key chains I have remaining will soon be up for sale on my webstore :D  In case you missed the kickstarter and want one of these slick babies.

1729533_143814769452_keychain1.jpg  1729533_143814774593_keychain2.jpg

  • As you may have noticed on DA, I also posted Part 7 of S.A.H.U, which was a huge undertaking haha, in my sketch book this part lasted 16 pages!! but yeah if you have a chance, give it a read and let me know your thoughts :)  S.A.H.U - Part 7  I'm also going to post two one pagers of SAHU that were in my books that I never posted. They are just quickie one offs but still pretty funny, so you can keep an eye out for those this week. 


  • The plush toy is still on the way and heavy into production now, the plush company let me know that they should be ready in SEP. So that's exciting news! Come Halloween time people should be getting their Skitzo plush toys yay! 


  • Art on the way includes: A new Fibble and Sin art piece that I've been dying to draw for a while now and since the sahu part is out I'll focus on this next. There is also a short Trash and Clash comic on the way, as well as a new "bus 9" adventure I had recently haha (oh the horrors). I laid out a rough storyboard to a new Skitzo short, and a bunch of extra goodies are on the way that are kinda random collabs with some fellow art friends but should be fun!

Posted by Comick - May 31st, 2015

Hey everyone sorry for the silence! I was away for a week on vacation with family for memorial day.  :)  Had a nice amount of rest and relaxation ahh. And now I'm back, refreshed and ready for more art making!! Here's a few updates about what I've been up do lately:



  • Firstly, if you didn't notice, The Skitzo kickstarter funded! YAY!! Again a HUGE thanks to the backers who made it happen! I got the funds and have now begun production schedules for the plush. In fact, I just got word from the plush company yesterday that the toy will go into factory production next week! I also submitted to them a custom hang tag for the toy...so Skitzo will also get a cool little hang tag art clipped on him. :b  Just like some demented beanie baby haha. They said the toys will be ready in about 3-4 months so we have a while to wait as they get made, but I'll keep you guys up to date as more info and pictures comes out!  :D 


  • Meanwhile, as I was on vacation I took my sketch book along with me and made almost 5 pages of new pencil comic of SAHU part 7. The next part is kinda long but its getting there and I should be posting it up in the coming weeks. I also have 2 mini side one-page comics I did of SAHU that I never posted...so you can expect those as well! I also have plans for a new splash pic of Fibble and Sin and a new mini comic of Trash and Clash (who have been neglected for a while now....) Lots of new art on the way! 


  • And now that Skitzo's big project is on the way, that gives me a little time to get back to In The Dark and Issue 3! If you have been on my Patreon following the comic pages you may have noticed the brief absence of posts last month (due to the kickstarter taking all my time and energy). But now I'M BACK and jumping on those pages with a fury again. My long term plan is to have Issue 3 done by the end of this year! So I'm going to really focus on that goal! Booyah! 


  • Animation wise I have a few things on my list to complete: A BRAND NEW Skitzo cartoon, some new animated comic panels for Patreon, and my super late In The Dark cartoon Episode 1. I've also been collaborating with a friend to make a test animation of their character Beardhammer the barbarian retail worker into an animated goodie hehe that should be a fun new little thing to experiment with :b I have a Fleetway animation thingy coming up and I'm also getting back to my mini "animation fun" segments because I've been itching to make some more lately.


So yeah! Lots of stuff coming around!! I'm gonna be busy, but its all good busy stuff  :D  Stay tooned for more posts!

Posted by Comick - April 26th, 2015

Happy Pico Day Newgrounds!! I wish I could have gone to the event *thanks for the invite Tom!* but I'm making sure I go next year and get time off to do it! Meanwhile thanks to the wonderful support from you guys, the Skitzo project is almost there!! Thank you all so much! <3 The project still needs the last bit so every supporter counts, go now! There's only 8 days left to make Skitzo into a real plush! Grab some awesome goodies and help this art project before its too late!! Let's get him released to the world to cause horror and delight to all! :D


CLICK HERE! Skitzo The 1920s Killer Bear Project

Also I've added a new reward to the tiers! A limited edition DVD boxed set of all Skitzo's cartoons. There are 10 cartoons (including 2 brand NEW unreleased cartoons "Cabin Fever" and "Big Top Circus" ). The DVD box also comes with a mini art book that has all the storyboards, sketches and notes for all of Skitzo cartoons plus behind the scenes stories on Skitzos history and creation!  :D This is a limited box set of 25 only. The reward also comes with the plush, tshirt and other goodies!


Thanks again guys! and please spread the word! We are SO CLOSE to making it happen!!

CLICK HERE! Skitzo The 1920s Killer Bear Project

Posted by Comick - April 15th, 2015

The Skitzo Kickstarter is LIVE everyone and we are getting closer! And Skitzo has been getting some HUGE coverage!  :D  Also I just added some new rewards to the project! Please pledge and get cool stuff and lets keep the excitement going! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/331251583/skitzo-the-1920s-killer-bear-plush-toy-project


Skitzo has been getting some big features! Toy Blogs, Horror Magazines and even Channel Frederator (YES the creators of Adventure Time!) have posted articles on the Skitzo kickstarter! Support now and you can say "I had a Skitzo toy before he went BIG haha!" 


Check out the News!!


  •  Channel Frederator! The studio who made Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors did a shout out to check out the Skitzo toy and support it on thier blog! This is super exciting guys! If they see enough Support for this kickstarter who knows what may come next!! (A Skitzo cartoon series, anyone? I can dream haha!)  Article here: Skitzo on Frederator!



  •  Rue Morgue! The famous horror and culture magazine wrote up a great shout out about Skitzo and his cartoons! Article here: Skitzo on Rue Morgue!


  •   Spanky Stokes! A leading blog about arts and custom toys did a post asking to help and support Skitzo and the kickstarter! Article here: Skitzo on Spanky Stokes!


  •  Urban Vinyl Daily! A major blog for collectors toys and rare designer toys featured Skitzo on its front page! Article Here: Skitzo on Urban Vinyl!



  •  Toys Are Evil! A famous toy blog who feature devious new goodies hand a spotlight on the Skitzo toy and his red eyes!  Article here: Skitzo on Toys are Evil!


  • Tenacious Toys! A leading blog about artists and designer toys gave Skitzo a shout out and write up! Article here: Skitzo on Tenacious!



Also New REWARDS added to the Kickstarter! Original Art!

As you may have seen, The Skitzo Munny Toy and all the handmade Skitzo mugs are GONE now! yay! So I have unveiled a few new rare and awesome art pieces to the kickstarter  :D NEW REWARDS!

  • A hand painted Skitzo wooden nesting doll collection. Each figure pops open and fits into the other...you get Skitzo, the hot dog, top-hot ostrich, an evilbird and a glutton worm! A rare figure set there is only one available! And its comes with the plush, a comic and buttons :)



  • Also a 21x30 framed Art Giclee of Idolatry (the happy kawaii cat demon) and Skitzo is dancing on his knee so you compare the size haha. This is an archival print reproduction printed with pigment mineral so it doesn't fade over time and the paper is a soft cotton rag, and acid free as well. This art piece is made to look exactly like a pen and ink original of high quality and comes framed and ready to hang too. It also comes with the plush toy, comic and buttons! A super deal! 


I'm SO humble and grateful for the support Skitzo has received so far  <3 <3 <3, but remember it won't happen unless you participate in it! You guys are the key to making him real so please tell everyone and pledge in for some cool stuff *even a little makes a HUGE difference!*  More updates on the way!! :D     



Also be sure to watch the new Skitzo cartoon! Many thanks Newgrounds for giving him some love!



Posted by Comick - April 7th, 2015

Hey Newgrounds!! The Skitzo Kickstarter is LIVE and running! I've rasied a good amount, but I know you guys can push it even farther! Tom and Newgrounds have already supported/pledged to it and you can too! Get your hands on back-stabbing shirts, insane comics and a real designer plush starring everyone's favorite "bringer of death and chaos", SKITZO the 1920s killer bear!! Don't miss out on getting some awesome stuff while also supporting a homegrown newgrounds cartoon. I love you guys, and that's why Skitzo lives here! No other place accepts my twisted crazy cartoons like you DO! And this will bring Skitzo to life and his horror into the world haha. Who doesn't want a killer demonic bear from the 1920s sitting on thier shelf with REAL red glowing eyes?!?





Also I just released a NEW Skitzo cartoon on Newgrounds to celebrate! Be sure to check it out! :) It's called "The Buddy System" and stars Skitzo in the local public transit called the SUBWAY. Oh boy, what fun! 

Skitzo The 1920s Killer Bear -"The Buddy System"

Posted by Comick - March 26th, 2015

HI NEWGROUNDS! SO its finally here! After MORE THEN A YEAR of being secret and working hard, my Skitzo Kickstarter is LIVE and I can announce the production campaign for  DUUN DUUN DUUUUN

Skitzo the 1920s Killer Bear Plush TOY! Kickstarter Project!! CLICK HERE


I basically worked with a plush company for 14 months designing this toy from the ground up making sure he looked just like Skitzo, down to the little details like his shoes and zigzag chest and collar and the really cool feature is that if you squeeze his ear HIS EYES GLOW RED IN THE DARK. But the only way he will become a real toy is if you pledge to the kickstarter and support the project! Also your donation comes with awesome prizes  :D  Even a brand new Skitzo Tshirt will be available!


I only have 40 days to fund the project so its important that you jump on it NOW or it will never happen. Skitzo's cartoons have been on Newgrounds since 2008 and continue to this day! I appreciate any help from the NG community to make Skitzo come to life and get this maniacal bear into our world as a real plush toy! 

Get Skitzo now!
Get Skitzo now!
Get Skitzo now!



Posted by Comick - January 11th, 2015



A little doodle I made as I prepare for the main announcement! If anyone recalls the SUPER Secret Skitzo project I said I've been working hard on...well this is the start of that finally coming. It's a kickstarter project...but a kickstarter for what, you may ask?? I cant reveal it YET but it does involve Skitzo and all his evil glory haha. It's something that has taken literally a year of prep work just to get this far. I even had to sell things and raise a batch of money myself just to get the groundwork set and prepare it..and  now I'm at the final stage point to finally reveal what I've been up to all this time since I first hinted on this thing back in Jan of 2014!! 

So yeah, Skitzo is coming....and soon we will know what that actually MEANS coming up next month!  :D  coming soon...

Posted by Comick - November 4th, 2014

Help support Comick using Patreon! Hey guys, If you like my artwork and want to help me reach my goal of getting In The Dark Issue 3 created/printed, please contribute :) You can donate as little ($1) or as much to my project, and you get rewards in return! Comic pages, unseen sketches, even animated panels! Also please share this link with your friends and help spread the word!



you can also watch the Trailer here on Newgrounds!



Posted by Comick - October 31st, 2014

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Some big news today, after much prep and sweat, I can finally announce that "In The Dark Issue 3: Promiscuous" has finally begun and is now available online! It's a monthly updated comic on Patreon and I'll be creating and posting new pages there, PLUS I've added some cool extra things that you wouldn't be able to get in a normal comic book....ANIMATED PANELS and access to (dozens!) of sketch book archives!

This is going to be the best issue I've created thus far, and I'm so appreciative of the support my comic has received over the years. You guys are the best and I cannot thank you all enough for motivating me to always work harder and keep it up! This issue is a labor of love haha as I will be creating and posting comic pages now every month and animating parts of it too but now instead of hording it for some unknown release date, with Patreon its here NOW and you can be right along as I create it!

So yeah get on, support, and hope you guys enjoy and stay tooned! I have a bunch of awesome things I'm posting in the next few days you don't want to miss!





Posted by Comick - October 28th, 2014

After a year of hiatus and months and months of prepping and drawings and ink...Issue 3 is coming, and coming out BIG! Stay tooned for the big announcement on Halloween and see what I have in store for you guys!