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Two new flashes in the works. Hope people like them...if not, that's okay. You cant please everyone


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Comick's News

Posted by Comick - February 24th, 2017


Hey Newgrounds! Just wanted to pass over a collab comic done by Me and G3no !! Tell us what you think hmm??


Posted by Comick - November 28th, 2016

So this year I am making a new In The Dark Xmas card and I will sending that out this Decemeber. I plan on mailing to friends and family, BUT I will also be sending them to any person that ordered from my store this year and any new orders until Jan 31st. So do you want one?? Order any item at my WEBSTORE and I'll also mail you a card this December :)

I have to say this year is my most elaborate card I've made yet! Its a folded full color with artwork on the back and front. I have been trying to make this scary xmas card for like 2 years and I always blew it or ran out of time. SO this year I jumped on it early and will be sending out this special goody. Also if you are a supporter on my PATREON site you will be getting one of these awesome Xmas cards as well.

Anyways, in other news I have been doing a lot of contract asset art for a new animation documentary and I've been hard at work getting new pages done on In The Dark Issue 3 (we are finally getting to Promiscuous the demon of electronic lust!), I have been compiling and getting ready to release the unfinished Trash and Clash cartoon episode I left for dead years ago (I found the old files!). And I have been working on a very cool new Fibble animation for Patreon (voiced by Fibble VA Mike Joseph) and been making a new mini pencil comic of Fibble and Sin. Whew...I'm busy!

Happy Holidays!!

Posted by Comick - October 20th, 2016

No love for Skitzo?? I am sad, I'm not gonna lie  :( @redminus

Still a huge thanks for the ones who voted for my cartoon to get to 4th place at all! Considering I draw one Skitzo short a year (on average) the reviews and views were very much appreciated, thanks guys! :D

In case you missed it watch here on Newgrounds! It's a good spooky cartoon for the season



In other news, I'm gonna be featured as a "cartoonist in residence" at the Charles Schulz Muesum! Watch me draw live and talk about how to self-publish your comics.


Also! The Halloween sale is still going on at my webstore! Enter code: pumpkin to get a 20% discount on everything!


Check it out HERE! Offer expires Oct 31st!!




Posted by Comick - October 11th, 2016


Hello everyone! I've been mad busy working on art and animations but I could not go by without some special Halloween Goodies to announce:

  • I love October and all things fall...and of course the best holiday ever, HALLOWEEN! So for the whole month I'm giving all orders 20% OFF EVERYTHING in my webstore YAY! Just enter the coupon code: pumpkin when you check out and the discount will apply to anything you buy. Have you been wanting a Skitzo plush?? well now's the time to get him at a discount  >:) for a limited time only.




  • The art group Creepy-chibi on Deviantart is having an art contest for Halloween! The theme is Scary/Creepy Clowns so submit your best scary original clown (no famous clowns) before Oct 31st. You will get money (points) and a free drawn request of art by ME and D3RX  :D  so if you really wanted an art piece from me for free this is your chance to try and its a fun contest too. 

1st Place: 1999  [Points]
Drawn request from: D3RX
Drawn request from: Comickpro

Here's the journal with all the official rules. CREEPY CLOWNS HALLOWEEN CONTEST!!!


  • Lastly, I've been doing the Inktober challenge where you draw an ink doodle everyday for the month of October. You can follow me posting them on Twitter or Tumblr...I started a little late but I'm gonna try and stick to it and post as often as I can to stick with it! And on Halloween day I'm gonna try and post something special  :)  we will see!

Posted by Comick - September 18th, 2016

Hello Newgrounds!

Just a quick shout out and thanks for the front page on my Skitzo the Bear animation! :D I really appreciate it since its been a while since the last one and reading the reviews is such a treat. That cartoon also played in a REAL MOVIE THEATER last month in San Francisco too! Seeing it on a big screen was so amazing..*sniff* my black cold heart even had a tiny pulse of emotional joy. Here's a pic of the screen playing my cartoons and the theater room before it filled with people.





If you have a chance check it out here on Newgrounds! Oh and I submitted it as part of the Creep Jam because anything that encourages some new horror-based animation is cool in my book >:)



On a 2nd note, in connection with the new cartoon, I submitted a new Skitzo art piece to the Art portal. This one took me ages to complete and also features some classic 1920s character cameos and a modern one that has not been released yet...Cuphead the video game character! :) It was a long overdue request art that I finally got to completing.

If you missed it in the art portal, please give it a look!




Posted by Comick - March 16th, 2016



Hey everyone! Just a quick update that I have finally received the LONG AWAITED Skitzo The Bear Plush Toys! and they are now available on my web store!! 

They even got the glowing RED eyes perfectly! GASP**



There's also a few Skitzo "Back Stabber" T-shirts left over from the Kickstarter that I added to the store. They are printed with Skitzo on the front and his knife in your back! They were limited to only backers but the shirt company had a better price if I ordered a mimimum. They are not going to be reprinted, so get one now if you missed out during the Kickstarter and still wanted one!!



Lastly, a few people have asked me if I'd ever reprint "Skitzo Bakes a Cake" the out-of-print comic from 2014...Well the answer is still no sadly they cost a lot to print since it was a FULL COLOR comic book! BUT GOOD NEWS, I did release the comic for sale as a digital comic book to my web store in case you really wanted to own/read what is probably the most twisted thing I've ever published in book form. PARENTAL ADVISORY! This comic contains high levels of blood, violence, torture, hell landscapes, and other ideologically sensitive material so...if you buy this, be warned! But then again what else did you expect from SKITZO of all characters heh, a rated G adventure??

In the meantime, I'm working hard on a new Skitzo the bear cartoon which i should have done by April, and the poll from last week tells me you guys want more Fibble and Sin too :D so I'm working on their pencil comic firstly, followed by the rest. Stay tooned I have some new things coming up soon!

Posted by Comick - March 2nd, 2016

Hey there! Long time no write, I just wanted to say thanks a TON for the watches and hitting 2,500! Thats a ton of people dang and I'm super grateful for it...especially since I'm slow as a snail with updates and posts. You guys rock!

In other news, I found out my Skitzo cartoons are going to get a special screening at the Alamo Drafthouse theater in San Francisco for a one night showing animation fest here in the city! Thats right all the Skitzo cartoons on a BIG screen, it's going to be horrifying! The dates are still being determined by the vendors but they say it will be somewhere late April?...so I will keep you posted on that! Such big news for me that I'm really working on a new Skitzo cartoon to premiere just for the event :D And then after that you can expect it here on good ol' Newgrounds! Oh btw, Tom you have a Skitzo plush toy waiting for you, please respond to the kickstarter survey when you get a chance so I can mail your goodie, thanks!

Meanwhile I just posted a new Fibble and Sin pencil comic in the Art gallery. Please give it a read and tell me what you think hmm?? I had a fun time drawing it and any views/comments would be awesome. Fibble and Sin Comic

So yeah I guess thats all for now....more stuff coming up! Here's a doodle to tide you over:






Posted by Comick - January 2nd, 2016

Ah! How time flies....and now a new year is here! Well I have a ton of updates and things to come so let me give you all a recap of what has happened since my last journal.

I had a comic panel in Salinas, CA. During the Salinas Comic-con! It was a load of fun to have a table there where I talked to new readers and introduced In The Dark to a bunch of teen, kids and adults. I was basically at my table all day but then in the afternoon I had a talk and slideshow presentation which was very cool. I screened my animations and told them about my future projects and whats on the way with Issue 3 of In The Dark. :D  I even had a small 6yr old kid come up and want to draw Skitzo the bear!! hahaha dang, how could i say no?? So they basically copied a doodle I was working on...you can see how that turned out! I'm training the little psychos early! 


In other news I had a wonderful Xmas with my family. Got to eat a ton of homemade foods, laugh and hang out with my sibling and cousins and then open some cool gifts and just enjoy the holiday full tilt. And I saw the star wars movie on IMAX too so that was a pleasant bonus. The dark side is baaaackkk.

The only delay in all this holiday cheer was that I had very little time to draw or do any art :I but that's all about to end and I have a load of back log art to post soon! The first things on the list are 2 new pages of Issue 3 for Patreon, a Skitzo xmas comic, a bunch of watercolor doodles and some crazy dino pics I did at an art draw. The long awaited fibble and sin pencil comic, a new Skitzo cartoon and some other goodies I have in store. 

So onwards to 2016! I have to say 2015 was a big year for me, as it marked the launch of my Patreon page, a bunch of animations I did for issue 3, and the BIGGEST success was funding the kickstarter and the production of the Skitzo the Bear plush toys *due to arrive any time now! (eta-Feb or March)* Its been a crazy year and lots of adventures but for the most part it was a fun ride and hopefully the next year is even BETTER! A huge thanks to my fans, friends and family for always giving me positive feedback and motivations. I wouldn't be where I am if not for your support! <3 My new years resolution this year is to finish Issue 3 and have it printed by the end of 2016!

Posted by Comick - October 14th, 2015

Hey everyone! So I had my comic panel talk in East Palo Alto, and it went really well! I horrified and thrilled a bunch of people and kids :D mostly the kids! haha
I showed preview pages on In The Dark Issue 3, showed them my (soon to be completed) Skitzo plush toy, and I did a 10 min screening of all the Skitzo cartoons too!

I had lots of interesting questions from the kids in the audience too! Here are a few that I felt was worth reporting.

  • Kid one: "Who would win Skitzo or Chucky??"  Me: "mmm I think Skitzo is just a LITTLE more powerful then Chucky"  Kid one: "Whoa...thats nuts!" 


  • Kid Two: "Why are Skitzo's eyes white?"  Me: "Because he's a Sun Bear! Sun bears have a brown collar pattern on their neck (Skitzo has a collar too!) and they have white pupil eyes (so Skitzo does too!)  ...*cough cough* it could also be because he's demonic....*cough cough*


  • Kid three: "It's obvious the devil is in that bear!! I think it was smart they destroyed his 1920's cartoons because even these tiny scraps of them were REALLY SCARY! :0" Me: "eh heh..  ^^; yeah Skitzo is a pretty scary bear! *sweats as the adults glare at me for giving these kids nightmares* "


Also I just posted a new animation on Patreon! Yay! This is probably the best one ive done this far...its a heated angry Sin and Idolatry going at it! www.patreon.com/Comick?ty=h



Wanna watch special animated scenes of the comic book?? Consider being a patron and supporting my work on Patreon! Donate a few bucks and get comic pages of Issue 3, special flash animations, and back stage sketches and doodles of In The Dark. I should really advertise it more heh....


Also this Thursday Oct 15 at the F8 - 1192 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103  in SF I will be there this Thursday for a drink and draw event called the Sketch Fest. Got invited to be a guest artist too! I'll have a bunch of goodies and swag and a bunch of artists sit and draw and drink...the theme is Halloween so I think my work will fit right in!  :D

And finally, I saw the poll on DA and looks like Fibble and Sin "the fortune teller" pencil comic got the most votes! So I'll be getting that posted up soon! I was surprised how close all the choices really got too wow...Trash and Clash even got votes! haha so I'll be posting them 2nd afterwards. I also have a request drawing prize I'm coloring and will post soon and then I'm penciling and inking a new page of issue 3. So busy!!! 

And with Halloween around the corner, I have a little goodie planned at the end of the month :) so stay tooned!!

Posted by Comick - September 29th, 2015

Hey guys!! I’ve been massive busy working on In The Dark Issue 3, making the Skitzo t-shirts, and animating a new goodie that should be out soon on Patreon…..but in the meantime a quick promo! I’ll be doing a comics panel in East Palo Alto, CA next week talking about indie comics, skitzo and the upcoming toy and In The Dark issue 3. You can see preview pages of the next issue and I’ll have a sample of the Skitzo plush toy too!  :D  yay! Come by and visit if you are around the area and say hello. I’ll also have goodies for sale like comics, keychains and buttons too.

More art and animation coming soon!