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Two new flashes in the works. Hope people like them...if not, that's okay. You cant please everyone


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Comick's News

Posted by Comick - September 16th, 2013

Hello everyone! I should say that the comic expo in LA was a huge hit :) lots of people were into In The Dark and I did the most sales I've ever had at a con so that's a good sign!...so here I go still drawing Issue 3. In the meantime, I've also been dabbling in some art making and mini pencil comics and I posted them on NG as well as on my Deviantart account. Take a look at them if you get a chance:

Fibble and Sin mini comic: link

S.A.H.U -the super android hero unit: link

Oh and I just saw that the last Sonic Shorts volume was released the other day :) cool! I animated a part in this massive 27 artist collab so go check it out: sonic short vol 8

Meanwhile in other updates I've been busy getting prepped for another art show in SF and trying to make a little surprise animation for Halloween (lets see if I make it! hah).

Tooooo maannyyyyy pupppiieeessss with gunsssss in thier hannnddssss.....

Art, comics, and oh hey an animation!

Posted by Comick - August 15th, 2013

Hey everyone just making another heads up that I will be at the Latino Comics Expo this Sat and Sun Aug 17+18! It's being held in Long Beach at the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) and will be one of the biggest gathering of Latin comic artists in one place!

Museum Of Latin American Art
628 Alamitos Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802

Saturday, August 17 | 11:00am-5:00pm Admission: $9 Students: $6
Sunday, August 18 | 11:00am-5:00pm Admission: FREE to everyone!!

On Sat, from 12pm-1pm I will be on a panel “DIY Comics- The ins and outs of creating & publishing your own comics”. So if you want to know how to get into the self-publishing field, get some pointers about the dos and don'ts, and maybe hear some of the crazy stories I've encountered while doing comics, then come by!

I'm super excited to be in this venue and it's the first time I've showcased my stuff in LA, so here's hoping all goes well and I get a good reception for In The Dark! OH and as a teaser I'm giving out limited flyers that promote the coming of Issue 3: Promiscuous. If you don't know who Promiscuous is here is a doodle of her from my sketch books :) haha needless to say the next issue is going to be pretty crazy.

Latino Comics Expo in LA

Posted by Comick - July 31st, 2013

Looks like I have a couple of new things to update!

Coming in Aug I will be making the 8 hour drive to be at the Latino Comics Expo which is going on Aug 17th and 18th in Long Beach California (Los Angeles). So if you live in the LA area it will be your chance to come by my table and look at my comics and art in person at this awesome venue. It will be at the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) from 11am to 5pm.
For the event, I've been hard at work trying to get some new things ready like new promo postcards, maybe a new mini comic (to be announced) , or a new t-shirt design. I will keep you posted on what I decide as the date draws closer! :)

Also, after totally ignoring it for years I finally have a twitter account: Comickpro on Twitter so if you want to know random things, events, comic updates etc etc go to the link and follow me and i might just post some good nightmare-fueled sentences.

In the meantime, I'm hard at work on all my other things i mentioned before so stay tuned and some new posts will be up soon! Also I had a recent new painting up in San Francisco and I forgot to post it here...that has been fixed and you can see it here now! Lice Demons Creating Sleep Paralysis

New painting, new expo, new updates

Posted by Comick - May 22nd, 2013

Hey everyone, sorry for my lack in updates but I've been very busy lately with a plate load of things coming up....here let me tell you all about them.

*chains audience to their chairs and props their eyes open*

Firstly, June 1st is the return of the Latino Comics Expo at The Cartoon Art Museum! 655 Mission St San Francisco, CA 94105. And I am happy and grateful to say that I was invited again this year with a table, so I'll be there sat and sun, Jun 1-2, selling my comics and t-shirts :D Some new items that will debut at the show is a set of Skitzo the Bear poster prints that are made to look like old decayed movie posters of his 1920s cartoon shorts, and also a limited set of poster prints of my large acrylic paintings. There will also be an animation panel on Sunday and I will be showing episodes of Skitzo the Bear as well as a preview of In The Dark ep 1. So that will be exciting!

Second, I will be in a new art show on Fri, June 14th called "Night Visions: Dreams & Creatures of the Night." If the title didn't already give it away it's going to be a dark and surreal series of art pieces haha (my specialty). So I'm also getting set on doing a new canvas piece to make for this show as well. Not sure if it will be as big since the place is rather small and they need to make room for the other artists in the show....I'm thinking maybe a 4 or 5 ft painting this time around. But yeah the opening is 7pm June 14th at Big Umbrella Studios, 906.5 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA 94115 and you can see my big paintings in the flesh! :)

In other updates, I'll have a number of new things to post soon....2 small paintings I did for a collective art show last week, a new Trash and Clash comic, another part of Sahu's story, some promo pics of the new posters I'm making, and I've been hard at work animating In The Dark ep 1, a new Skitzo short, a new "Animation Fun", AND I'm drawing comic pages for In The Dark Issue 3: Promiscuous. Haha so yeah there has been a period of quiet that will soon be loaded high with a wave of new stuff all coming out at once drowning you in a seas of blood and claws and teeth. Sounds like fun!!

Comics Expo And Art Show!

Posted by Comick - March 31st, 2013

Hello again, wow haven't updated since Jan...where does the time go? Well we shall remedy that right now with a brand spanking new update and some of the things I've been doing.

First bit of news was my art show in Feb! Had a great turn out and my painting (a whooping 7ft tall and 5 ft wide) was the towering piece above all the rest haha. Such nice comments I got from people included: "I'm scared of you now...", "Oh god I just ate why did I look at this?!" and "You are sick man, sick!" :) Needless to say it was a successful show ahahaha. You can expect it to be loaded in the Art Portal soon...as well as a watercolor that I never posted here featuring the same character: Addiction. POSTED IT NOW Addiction's Ice Cream Party

With my comics, things have been going pretty well! I'm almost all sold out of In The Dark Issue 1 (only 12 copies left!) which leaves me with a predicament I haven't faced yet...an out of print book. I have a new comic panel event coming up on June 3rd and 4th at the cartoon art museum in San Francisco, so I'm going to have to really save up and somehow afford to make a new printing by then, or I'll only have copies of Issue 2 and that's harder to sell if people are new to the series want to read Issue 1 first and I have none available heh. *sweats*. So I've been thinking of adding in some new back pages to the second printing like pencil drafts and doodles, WIPs and showcase some fan art pinups that people have drawn for me over the years. If time permits maybe even make a new cover for Issue 1. Idk I kinda like the one it has now, but I've heard reprints usually get a new cover...guess we'll see what happens on that. Also I've been starting on Issue 3 now :) on page 3 and penciling page 4....more to be seen on that in the coming weeks!

Animation wise I was on a break this week from work and as I was relaxing in a calm and serene landscape with a cool drink in my hand surrounded by sunny skies and singing birds, I suddenly had a strange overpowering desire for mass carnage, blood and uncontrollable screaming haha and so a new Skitzo cartoon was "dicovered" :b and I just posted it up last night. You can watch it here: Skitzo-"Too Hot To Handle"

Still have a pile of animations I need to complete (do I really need to name names by this point? Heh) But at least I'm staying busy as always and sooner or later they will all come around and be finished up!

And lastly I have to give a big thanks to my fans for sticking around and watching my stuff, you guys are the best! More goodies are coming up!!!

...oh and heres a picture of the painting "Addiction Ice Cream Party" on the gallery wall. The full pic will be posted in the art portal in a bit.

New Toon out, Updates etc etc

Posted by Comick - January 9th, 2013

Happy New Years everyone! (Even if I'm a little late)

So the New Year is here and I have been busy as always getting some new art out. Here are some things to expect in the coming months!

*In The Dark Ep1....yeah I'm still working on this haha it's not dead, but it has been in a state of limbo for the last few months due to work and other projects. Now that those have settled a bit, I can jump back on this hopefully and show my SUPER SHORT 3 min cartoon which took me more than 2 years and a better part of my life juices to get done haha. AH well it will be great to see this complete anyways :) and then I will be off to make Ep2 (*twitches)

* And a new Skitzo the Bear animation is on the way....it's a bit longer than the usual scraps thanks to researchers finding a rather long but highly damaged film reel in the attic of an old theater house. So this rare find may be the longest running known Skitzo cartoon scrap to exist yet!...it's called "Can ya spare a Dime?" and comes from around 1923 according to carbon dating.

* I was invited to an art show in Feb...so that means 2 new paintings will be done by the end of the month! :) One is about 6ftx5ft and the other is a smaller 3ftx4ft. It will be nice to get back into the medium as I haven't done a new painting of these sizes for a long while.

* Comic book wise, I'm still riding the wave of having my 2nd issue released (probably the biggest thing I did in 2012!) but I'm also thinking about the future so lately Ive been roughing out the new pages for the NEXT issue of In The Dark: Issue 3 Promiscuous. Haha it should be a rather insane issue....

*OH! And just as I had said in my last post, anyone who ordered from me up to dec 25th was sent a special goodie: an In The Dark Holiday Greetings Card in the mail. Im so glad people liked it and got a welcome surprise from it as well....and since I do have a few extras, any new orders I get will get one of these holiday cards free in their package (until they all run out)! In The Dark Webstore

So I guess that's it for now...lots of new things to work on and hopefully even more great surprises are to come!! (hint: it involves Skitzo and cake ;D haha but that's all I'll say for now). Happy New Years!

New Year---New ART

Posted by Comick - October 16th, 2012

Hi everyone! I've come back from the APE Alternative Press Expo and it was a BLAST! I sold lots of copies of my books (in fact I'm almost all sold out of issue 1 now!), met a lot of people, and just had fun selling at a con of this size for the first time. The only thing I could think of for next time is to maybe bring some easels of my larger artworks to hang behind me and maybe a cool banner sign would look nice too.

But now on to the big announcement! Yes, Issue 2 is DONE! YAY It basically took me 2 years to draw this huge 48 pages graphic novel 2nd chapter but yes its now printed and for sale in my web store! In The Dark Issue 2 A few people have been asking me if I will still post the rest on the pages now...and I had a really hard time deciding this. I want these books to start getting into comic shops and they all said the same thing...they don't want to stock a book that's totally free online because it means the book has nothing exclusive to offer the buyer. So for now, the complete rest of issue 2 (an extra 14 pages!) is only available in the book. In a few months I'm also working with a friend to have both issue 1 and 2 for sale as downloadable comics for smartphones and tablets too so that will be another way to get a hold of the last pages soon enough. Issue 2 is 48 pages printed on bright white heavy stock and SUPER black inks and the cover is glossy and the colors pop so nice. It's not a cheap newsprint comic with that onion skin-thin paper that rips when you flip it haha. So yeah the money from book sales goes into a savings so I can afford making the next issues at all so please support it if you can! I can't wait to start on Issue 3: Promiscuous >:3

The 2nd bit of news is the new shirt! Skitzo the bear has now been preserved onto a nice cotton black shirt for your horror haha. They had pretty good feed back at the show so that was a good sign you can get one here now! Skitzo T-shirt

Also for the APE I had a very SPECIAL GOODIE for sale that made a big surprise for some people ...Evil Bird and Clash the Duck plushies! They were made by my sister especially for the con and gained a lot of attention by comic goers passing by haha. We had only a few left by the end, so I'm putting them in the store as well if anyone wants the last plushies! There are only 3 Clash ducks Clash Plush , 4 grey birds and 2 pink birds Evil Bird Plush and each one is hand-sewn

On the side note of SPECIAL GOODIES, anyone who preordered anything last week I realized my store had the book priced wrong D: so for the fact you spent an extra .95 cents I'm sending you a special token of thanks with your orders...a password-protected link to preview IN THE DARK Episode 1! And I'm getting ready now for the holiday/new year's season which means a new evil X-mas card will be sent out to anyone who orders from my store up to Dec 25th thanks again everyone!

Issue 2 is done, Skitzo shirts, Special Goodies

Posted by Comick - October 7th, 2012

Hello everyone! Just writing up a reminder that I will be at the APE -Alternative Press Expo next week Oct 13-14! I'm at table 748 under the name In The Dark Comics, so if you are around the bay area come on by and visit! Entrance is only $10 and I'm sure it will be loads of fun haha. In the meantime for online fans I'm opening up some pre-orders on my store in case you want to catch some of the new items beforehand (all pre-orders will ship out after the APE Oct 15).

So the first big debut will be **drumroll** The debut of In The Dark Issue #2!
This is a thick cover glossy back and front book with heavy bright-white 48 pages inside wrapping up the whole next chapter of Idolatry. Anyone who bought my first book knows I make these high quality prints are similar to a mini graphic novel and this one really shines! There are two versions: one has just the book signed and numbered and you can get that here: In The Dark Issue 2 . And the other has a special archival print of art work featuring a "close-up" style of Skitzo the bear and two stickers which you can get here: In The Dark Issue 2 -Special Edition

The 2nd special debut will be **drumroll** A Skitzo the 1920's Killer Bear T-shirt!
It's a heavy weight black cotton shirt with Professional Silk-screen printing ink/paint. In my last poll I mentioned that I was almost sold out of Fibble/Sin shirts and the next chosen design that won was Skitzo There are only 50 shirts and I have a feeling they will sell pretty fast at the con since the first half are bundled with a promotional DVD. But you can pre-order a shirt here: Skitzo T-shirt and that guarantees you a shirt will be saved and shipped out Oct 15th.

On another note I just finished 2 new watercolors which I will be selling at the con and I have a new Trash and Clash comic almost all scanned up so you can expect that later this week. and now that issue 2 is done I'm going to be taking a mini break before getting started on issue 3 and focusing exclusively on animating/finishing the 1st animated episode of In The Dark so yeah lots of doodles and comics and cartoons are on the way! And I want to give a BIG HUGE thanks to all my readers for the support of my artwork and the people who watch my flash cartoons, seriously you guys are the best and I'm so grateful for it!

APE is coming and I'll be there!

Posted by Comick - May 16th, 2012

Hey everyone!

I figured I'd make an update to announce that the first published comic of Trash and Clash is now available for order in the web store! TRASH AND CLASH COMIC HERE :D It's a 16 page mini book which documents the story "good deed" and in FULL COLOR too! I spent a good chunk of my life juices to actually go back and re-draw all the line work from the pencils and color it all :dead:... spending late nights for months to get it done in time for the Expo, but it was worth it to see the wonderful reactions I got from comic-goers!! (most were gasps of horror and then laughter so I hope that's good heh). As you can see by the cover I also redid an older drawing that was meant as a promo for their cartoon episode but I felt it worked well as an introduction pic for new readers who didn't know who Trash and Clash are.

ALSO, I have shiny new stickers available in the store too! Now you can plaster your walls, books, cars, and various body parts with obscure scary demons and cartoon bears haha. They are made 3'' inches round and made of outdoor durable vinyl and UV coated so you can't scratch them up and they won't fade either....these are hardcore professionally made stickers...NOT those print at home paper stickers! And there are 5 designs to choose from too! :D IN THE DARK STICKERS

And the Latino Comics Expo was a blast! I sold a lot of comics and shirts and stickers and met so many wonderful artists and reconnected with ones I had already met too. :) And they even fed the artists! I had free pork burritos and soda and water to eat all day...that was such a treat to be at a table and not be starving haha. The panel talk went well too I think...at least I hope I didn't mumble too much or sound dumb hah. It really got me motivated to start drawing out more pages of In The Dark to get the 2nd issue out this Oct for the APE (Alternative Press Expo) which I applied to this year! Here's hoping I get accepted!

Here's a pic of my table...you can see the stickers and new Trash and Clash book there as well as some art prints which will be available later on this year :)

Also!! I posted a new short animation last week so check it out...and if you are bored or curious find the alternative endings hidden in the cartoon (fair warning they are disturbing heh). http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/595388

New Stuff in the Store! Also Expo Recap~

Posted by Comick - January 2nd, 2012

I've been so busy that I figured I better post at LEAST a New Years journal before it's too late. So Happy New Years to all my readers and watchers I wish you all good health and prosperity in the next year !! Also here's hoping for more comics, animations, and things!
My New Years goals are:

-Finish issue 2 of my comic (you can read pages on my dA: My dA page )
-Finish freaking Episode 1 of in the dark!
-Make at least 2 new acrylic paintings
-get a real website set up for my comic
-get a solo show of my paintings in SF

And I completely missed an x-mas journal since I've been out of town visiting family so I'd also like to wish everyone a nice holiday and seasons cheer . I got some new steel-toe boots, a new black jacket, a mouse (mine broke), some money, and a pair of silver "clawed demon hand" earrings which are cool.

On the updates, my t-shirts are selling like hotcakes and two sizes are now sold-out. So I guess if you still want a shirt you better hurry I've only got a few left in the other sizes too. Fibble and Sin Shirt . I'm also about to redesign the webstore with cool layouts and new artwork backgrounds and stuff so that will be fun. Oh, and based on my poll I made a few weeks ago about what "thing" you guys would like to see in the future...I guess Sin plushie is my next big goal! It will probably take months for me to get the details worked out on that though so the 2nd in line "A Skitzo T-shirt" will probably be the next shirt item I do (and since the first shirts are almost all gone that's a good sign I should do another design I guess?) Thanks everybody for you support!! <3

For art, I have 2 new In The Dark pages coming up that I just need to ink, I worked a tiny bit more animation done for Ep 1...I'm still so slow on that gah, but I also have a new canvas laid out for my next big painting "Vanity" which is going to be some insanely detailed work heh. In the meanwhile, here is a picture of my last painting I did titled "Facebook". Its a small painting only 2ft x 4ft and was sold in Oct during an art auction so that was cool!


Happy New Years!