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2014-08-14 04:06:17 by Comick


So I realized I've neglected another month of no new journals and updates haha so here's some news!

  •   It turns out the gallery I was going to be showing in Sep (it was bumped from Aug) has hit some unforeseen events and closed down! I was bummed to hear that and I hope everything is okay with the people who worked there...but yeah I had been painting a whole series of work only to get this sad news. Ah well there will be other shows! And nothing stops me from painting them anyways haha.


  •   2nd bit of news is that I've been drawing and inking a whole bunch of new pages for In The Dark issue 3! I know it has seemed like a dry spell on the next issue, but I have been chipping away at it very slowly thanks to being so busy at work and life events. Now that I have them back in gear, I have been madly in the ZONE drawing a heap of new pages in the story. There may be some news and releases in the coming months as we approach the Latino Comics Expo in Oct. 


  •   Meanwhile I have almost all the panels scanned on the mini Fibble and Sin pencil comic on the way! whoo! And I have the bus comic in the works too heh. This week I was super busy working again on my top secret Skitzo project which is ever and ever inching towards a glorious and horrifying birth with extra blood and screaming involved. But not to worry, I will let you guys know when the final thing is on the verge of its hellish premiere.


  •   On a different Skitzo related thingy I also completed a new storyboard rough for the next lost Skitzo "scrap" cartoon which I hope to animate in the next few week (now that the art show was cancelled I guess I'll have some time to do this thing heh).


  •   On top of all this, I have been designing a new t-shirt for my webstore....I have 3 fibble and sin shirts left, and about 10 skitzo ones so I have to do a new one soon. What I might do it post some roughs into a poll and see which ones you guys like most and go from there...since I swear I have the most indecisive attitude when it comes to picking this stuff haha (so i hope you guys are better at it   ).

 Okay I think that's about it....onward to more art making!!



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2014-08-14 05:20:14


Comick responds:

mmm hmmm!


2014-08-14 05:21:58

nice info dude and bloody cool art >:D

Comick responds:

Thanks!! I appreciate it man


2014-08-14 18:11:05

Really sorry to hear about the gallery closing. Hope the Latino Comic expo treats you well!
Looking forward to In The Dark #3!

Comick responds:

Yeah it was sad, but at least I didn't get the bad news later and then have everything done and with no place to show them haha...and yeah art shows come around again in time so I know another opportunity will happen (I'm an unnaturally optimistic person for the work I create heh). But yeah I'm sure the expo will be AWESOME! And I'm making sure some totally new things debut there for sure :D Also thanks man! I'm inking/drawing away on it!


2014-08-14 21:40:16


Comick responds: