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Winners! Pico day-Skitzo Art Contest!

Posted by Comick - May 15th, 2019

First, I wanna thank all the people who participated in the Skitzo Fan Art Contest on Pico Day!! There were some really awesome entries and I thought long and hard on the winners...in fact I decided that both the 1st and 2nd place winners get a Skitzo glowing red eyes plush because it was so damn close. So here you go, THE WINNERS!!

1st Place: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/sirlenward/skitzo-day By @sirlenward

The idea that Skitzo actually made it his own "Skitzo Day" and even brutally attacked Pico and the Tank men was pretty hilarious and hard core haha. I also really loved the art style and the way the piece mixed Pico day and Skitzo into a great homage to both characters. Gotta love Newgrounds and the fact Skitzo lives here!

@sirlenward gets: (1) Skitzo the Bear plush toy with glowing red eyes!

(1) Skitzo the Bear "Totoro Bus stop" Limited Art Poster #3 of 40

(1) Skitzo the Bear Die cut Sticker 4x6


2nd Place: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/orbital-death-ray/saturday-morning-skitzo By @orbital-death-ray

I really loved the direct approach Skitzo has in this piece and the super sharp shark-like teeth he has that wraps around his mouth. The glowing green textures in the TV and the grimy aura that's comes from it made the piece really glow with Skitzo's presence too! You didn't know that saturday morning cartoons could kill you?? Say hi to Skitzo!!

@Orbital-Death-Ray gets: (1) Skitzo the Bear plush toy with glowing red eyes!

(1) Skitzo the Bear "Totoro Bus Stop" Limited Art Poster #4 of 40

(1) Skitzo the Bear button


3rd Place: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/goofballsocksy/skitzo By @goofballsocksy

This one was very well colored and clean linework, had a cool red hellish background and showed Skitzo in his true home...HELL! The bloody knife with golden handle and his yellow teeth were awesome touches and I just liked how the character was posed and drawn the most. If you ever visit Hell do not bump into THIS GUY unless you wanna lose an organ haha.

@goofballsocksy gets: (1) Skitzo the Bear Keychain

(1) Skitzo The Bear button


So that's a wrap!! Again thanks to all the fans who drew a Skitzo picture for Pico Day, I hope everyone had a little fun with my twisted cartoon character!



Comments (5)

w00t! Everyone submitted such awesome stuff! I’m stoked to win some cool art swag :D

Yeah I was so glad to see some killer entries! Thanks for participating in the very first one!!

That's some pretty awesome stuff. Going by the tag it seems participation wasn't totally immense, but all quality work! Congrats to the winners!

I actually thought it was an immense turnout lol :b This is the first time I've ever run a fan art contest for Pico day and for Skitzo. I was super stoked to see the amazing art that came from it!

Those are some badass fan art, but just wondering.
Are you going to do this again, for next year Pico Day?

I liked how it turned out this first time so, if I can plan it right then yeah I wanna try it again next year! Maybe make a super unique prize for the 1st place winner :)

Thank you so much!! I'm glad I turned out a winner in your first art contest! I'll be sure to enter the next!

Well as long as you feel that way it's all awesome. :) Guess comparing to the official Pico Day turnout might not do it all justice... definitely hope there'll be more of these in the future too. Looking forward to next year already.