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Two new flashes in the works. Hope people like them...if not, that's okay. You cant please everyone


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Comick's News

Posted by Comick - April 29th, 2018

Hey everyone just a quick heads up I will be at the East LA C.A.P.E on May 12th. It's a FREE comic con at the El Gallo Plaza (4545 E Cesar Chavez Ave Los Angeles, CA 90022) in the heart of East LA. I will be selling Issues of In The Dark, Skitzo plushies and stickers and a load of original art (some of them never available for sale before). I am also working on having a few new pins and a new sticker for the event too, so hopefully I can get them done in time. So yeah, if you are in LA, come by and check out my booth and get some goodies. 


*** I'm OPEN again for commissions! If you want me to draw you something, send me a note!  ***



  Black and White Art 

                -$15+ Traditional or Digital drawings with minimal shading. 

  Color Digital Art

                 -$25+ Simple w/ no backgrounds. 
                 -$45+ Larger and more complex pieces.

  I also do acrylic paintings, note me for prices on those.

  I accept Paypal only.


Finally, I have some new art pieces coming up that I hope you guys like. A friend of mine who is moving away to another state gave me ALL their acrylic paints and so I have a large supply of materials to paint with, so I've been itching to make some new paintings with them. Coming soon :)

Posted by Comick - December 10th, 2017

Hey everyone just a note that I'm running a Holiday Sale on my webstore, use code SANTA to get 15% off your entire order! Check it out, offer ends on Jan 1st. 

The newest issue of In The Dark #3 is now available online too! As well as some new art pieces and painted animation cells! :) 


OH and some pretty cool news!! My sister got to meet Guillermo Del Toro and actually gave him a copy of IN THE DARK and he liked it! Seriously amazing honor to know my favorite movie director has my comic book, I was so stoked! :D 

1729533_151289280331_deltoro_small_by_comickpro-dbw9wzc.jpg  1729533_151289280231_deltoro_small2_by_comickpro-dbw9x25.jpg



Posted by Comick - November 28th, 2017

I was interviewed last week before thanksgiving about In The Dark and Skitzo! I even give some details about Issue 3 and hints on Issue 4 coming up (ohhh the suspense). http://kwmr.org/broadcasts/11565 it starts around 1 min 20 secs.

Posted by Comick - November 18th, 2017

Big news!

Issue 3 is now available for purchase online :D Year and a half in the making…the darkness continues! 




Posted by Comick - November 9th, 2017

Just a quick note that I will be at the Latino Comics Expo (LCX) THIS WEEKEND Nov. 11+12 in Long Beach, CA. Come by and check out a whole con of indie artists and comics as well as food trucks and art panels. :D Join us at 628 Alamitos Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802, Sat is $10 entry and SUN is FREE to enter!!

This will be a really BIG event for me this year because I will be debuting my 52pg NEW ISSUE of In the Dark #3!! YAY!!


I will also be showcasing some brand new art pieces, acrylics, and new hand painted animation cells of Skitzo the Bear. After the event, the new issue will be online for sale too so stay tooned for that announcement when it comes. 

So yeah, a bunch of new stuff is also on the way...I have some new fibble/sin pencil comics, a new mini Skitzo comic, and a bunch of doodles and art that I have not posted yet. OH, and I updated my Patreon page here: PATREON it will be updated with new animations, art and goodies before the public as well as behind the scenes stuff I don't post anywhere else. you might even see previews of Issue 4 showing up in there ;)


And in case you didn't know, I've been posting color versions of SAHU on Webtoon. Its starting from the very beginning but yeah if you wanted to read the comic in color I update every 2 weeks or so ( I try!). SAHU color comic on Webtoon


Whelp off I go back to work on stuff!! 

Posted by Comick - September 12th, 2017

Hey everyone just a heads up that I will be attending the Cartoons Crossroads Expo (CXC) this year! It's the first time I've ever done a con in the northern states...or outside California for that matter! But I've been branching out more and yeah its in Columbus, Ohio! I'll be sharing a table with a buddy of mine who is also from SF so that at least I don't feel totally alien haha. But I heard there is some killer food there!! :D  

And the best part...THIS COMIC CON IS FREE!! That's right, you can come in and it costs you NOTHING!
The event runs from Sep 29-Oct 1. The main expo is on Sat and Sun in downtown Columbus. So come by and check it out!

I will be selling In The Dark Issues 1+2 and taking pre-orders for Issue 3 which will be ready Nov 8th. I'll also have t-shirts, art prints, original paintings and Skitzo plush toys! Also for this event I had something new made just for the expo but I'll announce it on the day of the event ;b If you are a donor on my Patreon you already know what this special goodies is heh.

Should be fun!



Posted by Comick - August 8th, 2017

Hey everyone sorry for the massive silence. I was out of town for the past few weeks and I've been mega busy with life, work, art projects, upcoming cons etc etc etc

But before I forget! I wanted to announce that Skitzos animations and Fibble/Sin cartoon willl be playing THIS SUNDAY the 13th at a theater in Santa Ana, California. Its a fundraiser event for the Latino Comics Expo and will feature other animations plus the screening of the film, El Muerto as the grand finale! Here the info and link to buy a ticket if you are interested:

Date: Sunday Aug 13th, 1pm
Place: The Frida Cinema
Address: 305 E 4th St, Ste 100, Santa Ana, CA 

Link to buy tickets: CLICK HERE

In other news, I should have some new work up to post and other news to share but wanted to get this up asap for anyone in the area who might wanna check out Skitzo in theaters :D more on the way!!

Posted by Comick - June 24th, 2017

*** I'm OPEN for commissions! If you want me to draw you something, send me a note!  ***


  •   Black and White Art 

                -$15+ Traditional or Digital drawings with minimal shading. 

  •   Color Digital Art

                 -$25+ Simple w/ no backgrounds. 
                 -$45+ Larger and more complex pieces.

  •   I also do acrylic paintings, note me for prices on those.

  I accept Paypal only.



Some art and commission examples:


1729533_149828324712_tec_and_darvin_by_comickpro-db2ohmi.jpg   1729533_149828324633_jhonny_bravo_by_comickpro-daw0vmc.jpg







Posted by Comick - May 9th, 2017

Hey everyone! Just a quick note that I posted a new Skitzo the 1920s Killer Bear cartoon here on Newgrounds. Go check it OUT here!!! 





In other news, I released a modifed version of my Skitzo plush toy that is only cotton filled with no glowing red eyes (at a cheaper price). Only have 50 of these, now in my webstore: Skitzo Plush Toy


Finally, a huge thanks to the fans here who still stick around and comment on my works, you guys are the reason I continue to make and post work on Newgrounds and I'm eternaly grateful. In case you want to support ($) the cartoons I make, I also have a Patreon page you can donate there. You get exclusive first look pages of In The Dark Issue 3, plus I upload animated goodies and archive drawings.

Also had to make a shout out to this awesome Skitzo fanart! Drawn by Monsieur-Mizter on Deviantart


Posted by Comick - March 6th, 2017

Hey everyone! I have been rather quiet on the updates lately mainly because of drawing lots of new pages on In The Dark and dealing with some life things that I probably shouldn't mention in a public blog. But as a result, I really need to make some cash and I have re-opened commissions for the time being. If you can, any little bit helps!


The list below shows all the different price ranges as well.

Payment: I accept Paypal only with payment in full before work on the piece will begin.


  • $15+ Black and White pencil or digital with minimal shading 
  • $25+ Simple Colored Digital Art + no backgrounds
  • $45+ Larger and more complex Colored Digital Art with backgrounds

I also do traditional color Acrylic Paintings, Watercolor/Ink, Animation Gifs...just ask and I can give you a quote on those! 

Traditional work is mailed to you, Digital work in emailed. 



ALSO, I am selling some stuff that I don't really need or want anymore. Think of it as an Online Garage Sale! Private Note me that you want something and I'll send you my PayPal for payment. Once received payment, I'll mail it to you. Below are some things I'm selling and prices. The price includes "shipping" in the US but if you are international I'll need to add extra shipping costs and send you a total price if it's going to another country. 
Thanks for the help and I've got some more art pieces on the way!! :)

Stuff for Sale:

 Futurama Season 1 (3 discs) - $12 pic
 I luv halloween books 1+2 -$12 pic

 Sonic X Japan DVDs episodes 1-39 (english subs only, japanese voices)-$40 pic

The Art of George Perez (hardcover)- $30 pic pic

 Strip Search -$8  pic

 The Legendary Starfy(DS) -$10 pic

 Parasyte Vols 1-7  -$40 pic

 Axe Cop collected graphic novel vols 1-3 -$25 pic