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I loved this so much! Refreshingly different style and experimental animation that was wild and unafraid to break rules. Some people forget that animation is only bound by your imagination and it can be used in so many ways to convey characters and how they emote. The sound editing itself lead well to the animation as a whole and kept my interest throughout, even if I didn't quite KNOW why he was so pissed about the previous snail options I was happy to see they did find one of good quality for the collection. When it said to be continued??? I thought "YES, please do!" Keep up the great work

StephenHutchins responds:

Thanks so much! Really glad you connected with it I appreciate the feedback!

Why did I laugh so hard at "como se llama?"!!?!?!? Haha I'm liking this non-sequitur show :) Keep it up! Also, more Frumplequest please! He and the onion guy are so good haha.

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A complete re-hash of a million things I've seen before without anything new added. It's animations like this that make me sad to know that great potential and hard work can be squandered on a massive recycled fest of things that are not even your own creations. Please continue to animate and maybe try making something not connected to every pop culture anime on tv and you can grow into a unique voice. Because right now you will not benefit as an artist if you become that 1823273 millionth animator who has already done the same thing as this. They just go straight to pokemon and rake in the praise and I think "sure you catered to the masses and fed Nintendo another piece of free advertising so they rake in that money and sell more pokemon games so of course they aren't going to complain! You are giving away your talents to a corporation that will use it make sure the fans of THEIR stuff will always enjoy their products and meanwhile all you get from it is a 5-star lol I love pokemon comment do more! i love pokemon!" The minute you start to rely of other's creations the harder it will be to break away from it and do your own thing. And yeah since its only your first animation I can assume its just for fun and you were just practicing your skills so its not like this was the worst thing ever hahah, its just a little reminder that you can create anything you can imagine and create something far BETTER then this pokemon stuff in the future. You have potential and you know how to pace and angle the scenes well and animation wasn't bad either very smooth and you know how to use After Effects and Flash (which is a skill that requires a lot of practice!), but lets see what's left of your animation pieces if we took away the pokemon, naruto fights and dbz smirks hmm? Can you create something that is your own original voice and characters and still be massively epic and enjoyable? I bet you can! :) Keep it up!

VandalShockPanda responds:

WOW. Thank you for this feedback! I see where you are coming from and I agree 100%. But I'm just a guy that likes to make animations for fun and a lot of people forget to have fun with creations. I really did it for me, but had people tell me to put it up. I promise you not everything will be parody. I have some original ideas in this demented head of mine. I was just making fun of a lot of animes in this for fun. That being said I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to give me such great advice! Thank you again!

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Great game! It took me 2 hours 45 mins to complete and i got 63% collected. I just know that crying baby bird had something to do with another place to unlock but couldn't figure out what. The controls were very good too, I used my Super Nintendo usb controller to play and the buttons and joypad worked perfectly! I also liked how as you went farther the dino got new moves like the melt and the wings. They really lent to going back to previous areas and reaching clay balls and goodies you didn't know were there. I was literally squishing him flat all over randomly just to check i didn't miss any of those hidden walls and tunnels haha. The other thing that was just amazing to me was the sheer level of details taken to animations in the game. Literally everything moves and reacts to touch from the dino. And there is a lot of care taken into the stuff people don't notice right away like the floating dust in the air and the goop in the clay puddles and the bugs that scale walls. I liked all the Boss fights and I was actually GLAD to have them be hard like old-school games were. No beating a boss on the first shot! The last boss was my favorite because once you got his attacks down you could squish, jump and wing jump just to avoid everything. The only issue I encountered was when you talk to the frog buddy and he sells you new ability for clay balls the select arrow would not go left or right when using the joypad I had to select them with the keyboard. Overall a professional game that look like it came from an established indie studio and you realize....HOLY MOLY this whole thing was drawn, animated and programmed by ONE MAN?!? That's a huge achievement dude, congrats!

Butzbo responds:

Great to know you could go through the whole game, and also that you mentioned those animation details! (maybe the stuff animators notice, heheh!). I did get help with the music, though, which was fundamental for the ambientation ;)

Hmm, that shop selection issue could be related to alternative gamepads, at least you were able to get around it, but I'll be looking that up!

Thanks a lot Comick!!

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It came to my attention I never faved this! Thanks so much for the Skitzo shout out in the drawing too! You really captured some of my favorite classic in there haha yay newgrounds. Oh btw I appreciate the subtle details like adding in Skitzo's armpit hair!!! :b

Its cool to see the whole flip and land! I recall you showed the very very start a while ago when he jumped up and went into ball form and half a twist then it stopped there lol. Nothing beats the look of raw pencil animation on paper...and even then the pencil renders are so well done it doesnt even really need much cleanup or even inking because you really got it down so well- imo :0 . Also his body and fur line up solidly in all that motion and I love the little flop of his back legs when he lands too. Great animation! I suppose the only crit I can give is that the double flip leaves him hanging in the air a bit longer then I think it would last but I cannot tell you exactly how id fix it. It was the only little thing that I could pick out as looking odd? But damn the whole thing was very well done! Plus extra points for it being old school paper animation, I cannot get enough of the look of raw materials in action :) good job

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Orbital-Death-Ray responds:

Thank you very much! I love the raw, scratchy look of pencil animation too (I LOOOOVE the look of the "Xerox Era" Disney movies). I'm gonna be cranking out way more animation in the coming months, I've been neglecting the medium for far too long ;^.^

Dude this came out awesome!! Love that crazy bloody background too haha, it suits Sin so well. :) Thanks man! I'm gonna finish up my part of the trade soon!

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Two new flashes in the works. Hope people like them...if not, that's okay. You cant please everyone

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