I will be at CXC expo, Columbus Ohio!

2017-09-12 04:44:52 by Comick

Hey everyone just a heads up that I will be attending the Cartoons Crossroads Expo (CXC) this year! It's the first time I've ever done a con in the northern states...or outside California for that matter! But I've been branching out more and yeah its in Columbus, Ohio! I'll be sharing a table with a buddy of mine who is also from SF so that at least I don't feel totally alien haha. But I heard there is some killer food there!! :D  

And the best part...THIS COMIC CON IS FREE!! That's right, you can come in and it costs you NOTHING!
The event runs from Sep 29-Oct 1. The main expo is on Sat and Sun in downtown Columbus. So come by and check it out!

I will be selling In The Dark Issues 1+2 and taking pre-orders for Issue 3 which will be ready Nov 8th. I'll also have t-shirts, art prints, original paintings and Skitzo plush toys! Also for this event I had something new made just for the expo but I'll announce it on the day of the event ;b If you are a donor on my Patreon you already know what this special goodies is heh.

Should be fun!




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2017-10-23 17:20:20

When will be out Trash and Clash Episode 2?

Comick responds:

I have it about 3/4 done but I've been slow on completing it sadly...