See Skitzo on the BIG SCREEN!

2017-08-08 16:03:27 by Comick

Hey everyone sorry for the massive silence. I was out of town for the past few weeks and I've been mega busy with life, work, art projects, upcoming cons etc etc etc

But before I forget! I wanted to announce that Skitzos animations and Fibble/Sin cartoon willl be playing THIS SUNDAY the 13th at a theater in Santa Ana, California. Its a fundraiser event for the Latino Comics Expo and will feature other animations plus the screening of the film, El Muerto as the grand finale! Here the info and link to buy a ticket if you are interested:

Date: Sunday Aug 13th, 1pm
Place: The Frida Cinema
Address: 305 E 4th St, Ste 100, Santa Ana, CA 

Link to buy tickets: CLICK HERE

In other news, I should have some new work up to post and other news to share but wanted to get this up asap for anyone in the area who might wanna check out Skitzo in theaters :D more on the way!!


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2017-08-08 19:36:17

i just HAVE to live in the southeast :(

Comick responds:

One day I have to do a comic con outside the west coast!


2017-08-08 20:57:44

Of course I have to broke and in Texas...I wanted to see more of Fibble and Sin animated so bad.

Comick responds:

Yeah haha wish it had more places not just one theater lol. But in time i do plan to get the full episode online so it can be seen everywhere!


2017-08-09 15:15:28

Is this movie horror gerne ??
It's looks I need ''popcorntime'' right now :)

Comick responds:

Yeah! Its definitely popcorn munching material haha :D