New Toon out, Updates etc etc

2013-03-31 21:27:10 by Comick

Hello again, wow haven't updated since Jan...where does the time go? Well we shall remedy that right now with a brand spanking new update and some of the things I've been doing.

First bit of news was my art show in Feb! Had a great turn out and my painting (a whooping 7ft tall and 5 ft wide) was the towering piece above all the rest haha. Such nice comments I got from people included: "I'm scared of you now...", "Oh god I just ate why did I look at this?!" and "You are sick man, sick!" :) Needless to say it was a successful show ahahaha. You can expect it to be loaded in the Art Portal well as a watercolor that I never posted here featuring the same character: Addiction. POSTED IT NOW Addiction's Ice Cream Party

With my comics, things have been going pretty well! I'm almost all sold out of In The Dark Issue 1 (only 12 copies left!) which leaves me with a predicament I haven't faced out of print book. I have a new comic panel event coming up on June 3rd and 4th at the cartoon art museum in San Francisco, so I'm going to have to really save up and somehow afford to make a new printing by then, or I'll only have copies of Issue 2 and that's harder to sell if people are new to the series want to read Issue 1 first and I have none available heh. *sweats*. So I've been thinking of adding in some new back pages to the second printing like pencil drafts and doodles, WIPs and showcase some fan art pinups that people have drawn for me over the years. If time permits maybe even make a new cover for Issue 1. Idk I kinda like the one it has now, but I've heard reprints usually get a new cover...guess we'll see what happens on that. Also I've been starting on Issue 3 now :) on page 3 and penciling page 4....more to be seen on that in the coming weeks!

Animation wise I was on a break this week from work and as I was relaxing in a calm and serene landscape with a cool drink in my hand surrounded by sunny skies and singing birds, I suddenly had a strange overpowering desire for mass carnage, blood and uncontrollable screaming haha and so a new Skitzo cartoon was "dicovered" :b and I just posted it up last night. You can watch it here: Skitzo-"Too Hot To Handle"

Still have a pile of animations I need to complete (do I really need to name names by this point? Heh) But at least I'm staying busy as always and sooner or later they will all come around and be finished up!

And lastly I have to give a big thanks to my fans for sticking around and watching my stuff, you guys are the best! More goodies are coming up!!!

...oh and heres a picture of the painting "Addiction Ice Cream Party" on the gallery wall. The full pic will be posted in the art portal in a bit.

New Toon out, Updates etc etc


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2013-03-31 21:50:06

Could you use Paypals or Kickstarter for the money problem? And I don't live in San Francisco, do you have a place where I could look or buy your art/comics?

(Updated ) Comick responds:

Haha well I wasn't saying that I need to start a fundraiser just yet :b I'll see how my paychecks and saving add up to get those reprints by June. But I always accept donations from paypal if someone wants to help! m/ (remove the gap in the address) <-but yeah you can just click the donate button on the left side of my blog or if you want to get a copy of the comics just click the comic book icons and you can order it online. Thanks again! :D


2013-04-08 05:23:48

Will you ever animate a collab of all of the missing scenes?