New Year---New ART

2013-01-09 11:50:06 by Comick

Happy New Years everyone! (Even if I'm a little late)

So the New Year is here and I have been busy as always getting some new art out. Here are some things to expect in the coming months!

*In The Dark Ep1....yeah I'm still working on this haha it's not dead, but it has been in a state of limbo for the last few months due to work and other projects. Now that those have settled a bit, I can jump back on this hopefully and show my SUPER SHORT 3 min cartoon which took me more than 2 years and a better part of my life juices to get done haha. AH well it will be great to see this complete anyways :) and then I will be off to make Ep2 (*twitches)

* And a new Skitzo the Bear animation is on the's a bit longer than the usual scraps thanks to researchers finding a rather long but highly damaged film reel in the attic of an old theater house. So this rare find may be the longest running known Skitzo cartoon scrap to exist yet!'s called "Can ya spare a Dime?" and comes from around 1923 according to carbon dating.

* I was invited to an art show in that means 2 new paintings will be done by the end of the month! :) One is about 6ftx5ft and the other is a smaller 3ftx4ft. It will be nice to get back into the medium as I haven't done a new painting of these sizes for a long while.

* Comic book wise, I'm still riding the wave of having my 2nd issue released (probably the biggest thing I did in 2012!) but I'm also thinking about the future so lately Ive been roughing out the new pages for the NEXT issue of In The Dark: Issue 3 Promiscuous. Haha it should be a rather insane issue....

*OH! And just as I had said in my last post, anyone who ordered from me up to dec 25th was sent a special goodie: an In The Dark Holiday Greetings Card in the mail. Im so glad people liked it and got a welcome surprise from it as well....and since I do have a few extras, any new orders I get will get one of these holiday cards free in their package (until they all run out)! In The Dark Webstore

So I guess that's it for now...lots of new things to work on and hopefully even more great surprises are to come!! (hint: it involves Skitzo and cake ;D haha but that's all I'll say for now). Happy New Years!

New Year---New ART


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2013-01-09 22:24:18

I will continue waiting for the In The Dark short.


Comick responds:

haha ah thats very kind of you! I will do my best amd hopefully it will be somewhat entertaining! :)


2013-01-10 06:02:46

have you always been able to draw like that or did you learn

(Updated ) Comick responds:

I think it's a little bit of both....I did draw a lot better technique-wise from learning art and how to build bodies and ink and color but it wasn't like they actually taught me to draw in the style that I draw, or how to draw demons and creatures and things haha... that just came from lots of personal drawing and experimenting and it was constantly fueled by my crazy never-ending imagination.


2013-01-12 22:28:13

WOOOOT! You know that I can't wait for the first episode. I gotta saw everyone I saw.... wait.... nope.. can't tell you. You'll have to wait. :)

(Updated ) Comick responds:

YES! I swear by my spare kidney that this cartoon WILL see the day of light this year!! I am going to go full monty on it no matter what! ahahha


2013-01-21 06:58:45

Without any regret if i could find a way to show the world this masterpiece well, i would !

Comick responds:

ah thanks so much!! :) I may not have lots of exposure yet but its the people like you who appreciate my work make it all worth it and I always want to do more to show my thanks!


2014-01-02 02:52:22

Ah, yes, I am still alive. It's good to know the In The Dark animation is still alive as well. :)


2014-01-02 02:53:36

Even if the comments i just posted are late by a year...... oh who really cares anyhow?