APE is coming and I'll be there!

2012-10-07 16:02:41 by Comick

Hello everyone! Just writing up a reminder that I will be at the APE -Alternative Press Expo next week Oct 13-14! I'm at table 748 under the name In The Dark Comics, so if you are around the bay area come on by and visit! Entrance is only $10 and I'm sure it will be loads of fun haha. In the meantime for online fans I'm opening up some pre-orders on my store in case you want to catch some of the new items beforehand (all pre-orders will ship out after the APE Oct 15).

So the first big debut will be **drumroll** The debut of In The Dark Issue #2!
This is a thick cover glossy back and front book with heavy bright-white 48 pages inside wrapping up the whole next chapter of Idolatry. Anyone who bought my first book knows I make these high quality prints are similar to a mini graphic novel and this one really shines! There are two versions: one has just the book signed and numbered and you can get that here: In The Dark Issue 2 . And the other has a special archival print of art work featuring a "close-up" style of Skitzo the bear and two stickers which you can get here: In The Dark Issue 2 -Special Edition

The 2nd special debut will be **drumroll** A Skitzo the 1920's Killer Bear T-shirt!
It's a heavy weight black cotton shirt with Professional Silk-screen printing ink/paint. In my last poll I mentioned that I was almost sold out of Fibble/Sin shirts and the next chosen design that won was Skitzo There are only 50 shirts and I have a feeling they will sell pretty fast at the con since the first half are bundled with a promotional DVD. But you can pre-order a shirt here: Skitzo T-shirt and that guarantees you a shirt will be saved and shipped out Oct 15th.

On another note I just finished 2 new watercolors which I will be selling at the con and I have a new Trash and Clash comic almost all scanned up so you can expect that later this week. and now that issue 2 is done I'm going to be taking a mini break before getting started on issue 3 and focusing exclusively on animating/finishing the 1st animated episode of In The Dark so yeah lots of doodles and comics and cartoons are on the way! And I want to give a BIG HUGE thanks to all my readers for the support of my artwork and the people who watch my flash cartoons, seriously you guys are the best and I'm so grateful for it!

APE is coming and I'll be there!


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2012-10-07 16:11:54

You gave me nightmares with some of your flashes and I love it.

Comick responds:

Haha many thanks! I consider that a compliment for sure :)


2012-10-07 17:19:03

Everything you do looks super and reads creepy! Thankfully the expo is on the weekend. Have you ever tried to drive into SF during the week O__o?

Comick responds:

Ah thank you! Yeah the bridge has its ups and down during the day....early morning and 5pm being the WORST times of course haha.


2012-10-07 23:11:45

I like that by the way I'm gonna make a series and I want to know if you can help me with it

Comick responds:

Thanks! But no sorry, as you can see, I'm pretty busy up to my neck on my own projects heh ^^;
But don't let that get you down! Keep drawing and animating and work on your stuff with a passion and let it grow over time. Refine it and always try to make the next one better then the last and in time you will be on the way to making your own series and fulfilling that dream ^_^ good luck!


2012-10-08 08:59:44

ooh, i got an idea that you were going to the planet of APEs.
anyway, good luck (on signing autographs?)!

Comick responds:

lmao planet of the apes?! uh okay! XD

and thanks! yeah i hope its fun ^^